Nojoqui Falls Walk, Solvang

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Santa Barbara, CA
Nojoqui Falls Walk, Solvang
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Out in the middle of the dry Solvang countryside is a surprising delight! An area of beautiful woods and a hike that leads to a waterfall! The waterfall is variable in how much it flows, from a very thin trickle to a full waterfall. Even the thin trickle, though, is pretty because of the way it flows down bright green mossy walls into a misty pool below. An abundance of ferns hang from the cliff face beside it. The hike itself is over tree roots and dirt (muddy after a rain- wear boots) and under huge amazing trees. A stream bubbles beside you as you walk, and there are bridges where you cross it. The walk is perfect for kids because it's so short and offers a reward at the end! Kids love to play among the rocks in the pool.

At the end of the hike there is an area that had a mudslide in 2014. It is interesting to see what the aftermath of a mudslide looks like- the mud, rocks, and debris covered where a bench used to be!
After the hike, let your kids have some fun on the playground in the main park area. There's an abundance of pine cones, which kids will have a blast collecting. In the summer, flies will bug you at the park and are only tolerable if you're moving, so forget about sitting on one of the benches to relax. On your drive home, buy some tomatoes or melons at the organic stand along the road that leads out of the park.
If you're hungry, head over to Solvang, a Disneyland-style town with Danish windmills and lots of tourist stores. At Paula's Pancakes you can sit on their sunny patio and look out on the half-timbered buildings and overflowing flower pots all around you. For an amazing medieval playground in Solvang that will keep your kids happy for hours, check out Sunnyfields Park.
Just a few minutes south of Nojoqui Falls along Highway 101 is Gaviota Beach, a great place for an icy swim in summer or to explore in winter. Another fun place along Highway 101 in this area is the Blueberry Farm, where you can pick the most delicious blueberries in summer- a real treat!

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The thin waterfall and mossy rock wall.

The misty pools inspire a child's imagination!

Kids have a blast at the waterfall!

Winding trail under twisty trees.

The amazing, long, curved trees.

The falls in Summer 2008, lush with ferns.

Large field and playground at Nojoqui Park. There are several play structures scattered about the area.

Wonderful tree by the field at Nojoqui Park.

After a very heavy rain, the falls have a little more substance!


Fall leaves, in November 2016.

The rock slide area, right by the falls.

The rock slide area- the path and a bench were covered.

Fall leaves.

A busy Sunday in March at Nojoqui Falls.

A young woman gets her feet wet at the foot of the falls.

The falls, after lots of rain, in March 2017.

A little girl puts her hand in the waterfall.

A young woman dries her feet by the creek, which flows from the falls.

The playground with swings, bouncy, and baby swings.

A bouncy, a four-person bouncy, and some cool climbing equipment.

Playing frisbee on the grass, in the park.

A large family picnic under a lovely tree, in the park.

Five kids on the large bouncy.


Nojoqui Falls County Park is located at 3190 Alisal Rd, Goleta CA 93117, just five miles south of Solvang.
From Solvang or Buellton, take Highway 101 south for 4.8 miles. Take the Old Coast Hwy exit and then turn east on Alisal Road. If you're northbound on Highway 101, this freeway exit is 3.8 miles north of the turnoff to Lompoc and can be hard to spot.


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Wed, 06 Apr 2011

I love coming here with my boys and my husband. We get out there as often as possible. The best time to go is a werek or 2 after it rains. The waterfall is bigger and the sounds and sights are gorgeous. Heading there again today =) Dont forget to bring your camera or at least your phone/camera. Its almost impossible not to want to take pics while heading up there. Very doable walk/hike up the trail, even with young kids...just stay on the path as there is poison oak if you wander too far off of it. we love going =)

star star star star star

Mary W.

Tue, 19 Apr 2011

What a beautiful little place to stop at. My daughter and i added it to a trip to Cambria. We stopped by Solvang for lunch and then took Alisal Road to the Falls instead of going back to the freeway. I HIGHLY suggest this route, as it was gorgeous. I felt like we were in a fairytale forest! The hike was fairly easy and we had a wonderful time!

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Tue, 16 Feb 2010

Small hike...very doable for a 3-year-old. Quiet and nice. Nice and shady. Pretty good amount of rain this year, so the waterfall was beautiful!

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Tue, 06 Oct 2015

Nojoqui Falls has been closed since last December due to a landslide. I was up there yesterday- waterfall has completed dried up.

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Lorna from Canada

Tue, 06 Oct 2009

I would love to see this. Will let you know when I visit.

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Thu, 26 Jan 2017

There 1/26/2017. It is open. Downed trees are cleared off trail, NOJOQUI FALLS
falling 125 feet is worth the 2/3 mile hike round trip. Trail muddy and slippery in some places. hiking stix are helpful. It is cold and shady but wonderful beautiful and sacred as our NATIVE AMERICANS recognized.

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Thu, 14 Apr 2011

Stopped by & saw an awesome waterfall flow from all the recent` rain on TUES APRIL 5th most water I've ever seen there & I've been there probably 4 or 5 times over the last 10 years

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Michael McQuaid

Sun, 30 Mar 2008

A very minor hike less than 1 mile which took about 10 minutes with kids. Small waterfall on 3-30-08. Southern California didn't have much rain this year, wonder how glorious the fall is with more water?

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Sun, 20 Sep 2009

Spectacular falls!!! Worth seeing! Hike was beautiful, under tall trees. Not very far and once to the falls, WOW! Highly recommend!!

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Sat, 10 Sep 2011

had a great little rest on a familytrip. recommend it to anyone very relaxing and serene!!!

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Fri, 06 Nov 2009

Beautiful! It looks so tranquil.

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