One Thousand Steps, The Mesa

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Santa Barbara, CA
One Thousand Steps, The Mesa
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One Thousand Steps, in The Mesa neighborhood, is a beach access stairway of about 200 steps which leads to a thin ribbon of beach. It's best to visit at low tide and then you can walk for miles. Beware some people bring their dogs without a leash.

The view from the top, and as you walk down the stairs, is just gorgeous! The water is an amazing blue-green on sunny days. At sunset it's also wonderful.
Note: The last section of stairs is covered in moss and slippery.
Afterward, it's nice to walk around the pretty streets of The Mesa, which have lovely varied trees and ocean views. You can make a loop walk by getting down to the beach from the stairs at Shoreline Park then walking west along the beach to One Thousand Steps Beach, climbing the steps back up to the road and then walking along the road to Shoreline Park.

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It's lovely to walk the streets of The Mesa.

Pretty tree on Shoreline Dr.

Tile picture on a home's wall.

The top of the stairs.

The blue-green water.

Cypress trees and ocean.

Looking out at the sparkling sea, from the top.

I love looking down at blue-green water. The best thing in life!

Elephant's ear plant perched on a cliff over the water.

Looking up the stairs from partway down.

Looking down at the beach from above.

A gorgeous day at One Thousand Steps.

The steps are pretty rugged.

An idyllic beach...

The beach between One Thousand Steps and the bottom of Shoreline Park.

Sunset on the beach.

Magical twilight hour at the beach.


One Thousand Steps is located at the southern end of Santa Cruz Blvd on The Mesa. For your GPS you can use the address 1 Santa Cruz Blvd, Santa Barbara CA 93109. There is free parking along the road.


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