Ostrichland, Buellton

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Ostrichland, Buellton
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Ostrichland offers you the rare opportunity to feed ostriches and emus! As you drive into Solvang, you pass a valley filled with funny-looking birds roaming free! You pull into a dirt driveway and your short adventure begins. You pay at the store in the front and are given bowls with handles. Out back there are ostrich enclosures and emu enclosures. You reach over the fairly high fence (kids can't really do this) to the ostrich enclosure and hold out the bowls and let your family have a good laugh as you almost get pecked alive by the ferocious creatures!

The emus are gentle souls and they are a delight to feed. Their blue necks and light-filled hazel eyes are so pretty. The ostriches are the opposite. Aggressive and hungry, they might grab the whole bowl or your finger for that matter. Signs warn you how to feed them properly and if you follow the directions, your heart will be beating but you will probably leave unharmed.
After feeding the ostriches, head over to a great playground in Buellton called River View Park. It has a space-age playground, motorcycle see-saw for three, and roller slide.
Solvang is a nice area- walk around the charming (if not touristy) town and sit in the sun at a cafe. Take your kids to the amazing Sunnyfields Park with its medieval playground. Enjoy the miniature horses at Quicksilver Ranch. Skateboard or take in nature at Hans Christian Andersen Park.
For other nice farms to visit, check out the Blueberry Farm along Highway 101 in Buellton.

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Ostrich checking for more food.

We like to bite!

These guys are classic! Emus are from Australia.

The countryside the ostriches roam on.

I love this row of trees on Highway 246 between Buellton and Solvang!

Sweet brown eyes of an emu.

Cute ostrich.

Feeding the ostriches.

The ostriches have a mountain view!

Pretty countryside. The ostriches are on the right and the emus on the left.

The emus are loveable.


Ostrichland is located at 610 East Highway 246, Buellton CA 93463. Open daily 9am-sunset.
Exit Highway 101 at Highway 246 and head east toward Solvang. Once you pass all the stores on your right you will see open land with ostriches running around. Pull into the dirt driveway (hard to see) for Ostrichland and park in front of the store. You pay in the store. It costs $5 per adult and $2 per child aged 12 and under. Each bowl of food is $1.
Important: The label for Ostrichland is incorrect on google maps (they place it west of Buellton instead of east of Buellton) so don't try to find it on google maps. Follow my directions instead!


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