Paseo Chapala and El Andaluz

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Santa Barbara, CA
Paseo Chapala and El Andaluz
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Paseo Chapala is a new development across the street from beautiful Paseo Nuevo. Here you can sit at Kyle's Kitchen looking up at Spanish architecture and blue skies, and enjoy a salad. There's a little cafe called Sachi Ramen as well. Get caught up in the pretty details all around you- vines curving along archways, white stucco rooftops reaching to the sky, palms glistening in the sun. Santa Barbara excels with its architecture and landscaping!
Walk down Chapala St two blocks toward the ocean and you will see El Andaluz, a three-storey apartment complex built in Moroccan style. The colors and intricate designs will wow you! Jeff Shelton, who also designed the whimsical East Cota Street Studios, created El Andaluz. Check out the tiled benches with bright fruit and vegetable designs. The archways that lean at funny angles decorated in wild, busy designs are lovely. See the ironwork on the stairrail and the oddly-shaped chandelier. Peer into the inner courtyard and admire the pots, tiles, flags, and metalwork balconies. This is as colorful as it comes!

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Views of Paseo Nuevo from Kyle's Kitchen.

Spanish architecture on Cota Street, just south of Paseo Chapala.

Looking across at Paseo Nuevo, from Chapala Street.

Purple flowering vines and Spanish lanterns at Paseo Chapala.

Bench outside El Andaluz on Chapala St- check out the figure underneath!

El Andaluz's ironwork stairrail and chandelier.

Inner courtyard at El Andaluz.

Outer courtyard ceiling detail at El Andaluz.

Metalwork balcony, flags, pots, and archway at El Andaluz.

Fruity bench- love this one!

Chapala Street.

Chili pepper bench outside El Andaluz.

Zig zag pattern on the ground. Striped, horseshoe archways on either side.


Exit Highway 101 northbound at Carrillo Street and turn right. Exit Highway 101 southbound at Carrillo Street and turn left. At the fifth street, turn right on Chapala St. Park in the parking garage for Paseo Nuevo Mall (on the left) or turn right on De La Guerra Street or Ortega Street and park along the road. Parking can be difficult around here.
Kyle's Kitchen, 791 Chapala St, Santa Barbara CA 93101.
Sachi Ramen, 721 Chapala St.
El Andaluz is a three-storey apartment complex at 531 Chapala Street, Santa Barbara CA 93101.


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Sat, 08 Oct 2011

Love my hometown! My kids do fencing on Cota St. near the corner of Garden and right across the street there is an apartment building that is so awesome in design that I often sit there staring at it before pulling out of the parking lot. It's so whimsical with it's curved details and artistic touches - go check it out when you get a chance. On Cota between Santa Barbara and Garden Streets, closer to Garden.

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Fri, 06 Nov 2009

I'm coming up for the weekend. So looking forward to it.

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