Paseo Nuevo Mall

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Santa Barbara, CA
Paseo Nuevo Mall
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Paseo Nuevo is not just a shopping center. It's an architectural delight! All about you, above and behind you, there are gorgeous lines and curves, shadows and light, white and pink stucco, ivy-covered walls, yellow umbrellas, flower pots decorated with's gorgeous!

Walk around and check out the fountains and flowers everywhere. There are some good stores: kids enjoy Gamestop, women love H&M Clothing, Victoria Secret, American Eagle, Gap and Kids' Gap. There's a good movie theater, Paseo Nuevo Cinemas, with grand stairs leading up from the entrance.
Little kids like running around the center area. A square-shaped area provides a safe place where kids can run around the chairs and tables. This area is attractive, with pink Spanish architecture towering above you.
Kids also like the whirly lines on the ground by the movie theater that they can trace with their steps.
Around the corner, by California Pizza Kitchen are pretty Spanish stairs that you've probably seen from travel photos of Santa Barbara. Climb them to the top where you will have a view down on the square seating area. Here, you can escape the crowds below and look out on the Spanish architecture with the Santa Ynez mountains behind. Center Stage Theater Company and the Contemporary Arts Forum are up here. There are benches where you can relax in the sun.
At Christmastime, Paseo Nuevo is decorated everywhere with tiny lights. The palm trees have white lights on their trunks and orange lights in their fronds. It's magical!
If you're hungry, enjoy California Pizza Kitchen, delicious but overpriced. Colorful and fun, it has huge arched windows looking out on Paseo Nuevo. They have satellite radio playing with all the top hits, and they treat kids well, giving them a kids menu, a packet of crayons, and a coloring book with mazes and puzzles. The discounted kids brownie at the end is so yummy you all might just have a bite! Eureka is also a great choice, with delicious food. Try their truffle fries with dipping sauces.
If you're carefree and kid-free, head over to Elsie's Tavern, a secret dive bar where a DJ spins groovy triphop numbers that add to the funky ambience. Snuggle up on one of the velvet couches. Elsie's is located at 117 W. De La Guerra Street just west of Paseo Nuevo, between Chapala and De La Vina Streets, in what looks like a little house. There's no sign but just walk on in.
There's a development across Chapala Street from Paseo Nuevo called Paseo Chapala, where you can look up at Spanish architecture and blue skies while eating at Kyle's Kitchen, a counter service cafe. 1 1/2 blocks away on Canon Perdido St, check out the Susan Quinland Doll & Teddy Bear Museum, which has modern dolls too, like ones from the Twilight series!
For more interesting places nearby, check out the entry on State Street, and the other Spanish paseos on State Street: El Paseo at the 800 block, and La Arcada at the 1100 block. Don't miss out on these! They are wonderful, and pretty at night too.

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The mall area, with shops, flowers, statues, and palms.

My favorite area at the top of the Spanish stairs.

At the top of the Spanish stairs.

I love Spanish red-tiled roofs!

Sidewalk cafe in Paseo Nuevo.

The beautiful details at Paseo Nuevo Mall.

Paseo Nuevo at night, around Christmastime.

I love the way the palms are lit at Christmastime- white lights on the trunk, orange lights in the fronds. Magical!

What a pretty bell tower!

The large windows looking out on ivy at a cafe.

It's romantic to sit at your own upper balcony of some of the Santa Barbara bars and cafes.

Sweet star lights.

String lights by the shops.

The square seating area where kids can run around.

Lights strung across the walkway.

Fountain at Paseo Nuevo outdoor mall.

A nice public space at Paseo Nuevo.

Sitting in the shade at the public space.


Paseo Nuevo Shopping Center spans from Canon Perdido to Ortega Street, between Chapala Street and State Street (2 entire blocks).
Exit Highway 101 at Carrillo St. If northbound, turn right at the exit. If southbound, turn left at the exit. Turn right on Chapala Street. There will be two parking lot entrances on the left after you drive one block down Chapala Street. Parking is $1.50 an hour and the first 75 minutes are free- Santa Barbara is the best!
California Pizza Kitchen, call (805) 962-4648.
Elsie's Tavern, 117 W. De La Guerra Street, call (805) 963-4503.


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Wed, 09 Sep 2009

those fountains are toddler-magnets! Aw, I miss SB!

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Wed, 09 Sep 2009

The fountains and the window have been a favorite of my kids since they started walking! It's a good place for kids. =-)

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Wed, 09 Sep 2009

Today my daughter enjoyed the funny fountains in the stage area and running around the steps that lead to the round window to the other side of the mall.

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Wed, 09 Sep 2009

I second that... I miss it a ton!

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Thu, 01 Oct 2009

i remember this place, elsie's, deejayed bro grad party here in 03 i believe,,.....great times...

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Sat, 17 Apr 2010

love 2 take in some sun at paseo!

star star star star star


Sat, 10 Apr 2010

I want this picture!!!

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Fri, 09 Oct 2009

excelente captura!

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