Rattlesnake Cyn Hike and the Cookie Monster Rock

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Santa Barbara, CA
Rattlesnake Cyn Hike and the Cookie Monster Rock
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NOTE (2018): This area may have burned in the Thomas Fire and may be closed for winter 2018.

Rattlesnake Canyon Trail is a beautiful hike, especially in spring when the stream is bubbling along, making mini-waterfalls and there is a shallow pool you can splash in. Flowers abound in spring, rock rose and mustard seed. It's glorious.
The fun part about Rattlesnake Canyon Trail is that after half an hour you come to Cookie Monster Rock, a rock with a mouth like the Cookie Monster. People have added eyes at the top, and crumbly bits of cookie in the mouth!! Kids love this!
Kids might complain a little because the hike is steep at the beginning, and might also need some help crossing the stream on boulders, but overall, kids can manage it.
Have a wonderful time enjoying nature!

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The sign at the trailhead.

Trees catch the morning light at the trailhead.

Beautiful vistas.

Boulder, rock rose, and high mountains.

Rock rose and steep mountain.

A mini-waterfall.

The stream.

The Cookie Monster Rock!!

The pool where you can dip your feet.

The pool is idyllic.

Pretty scenery.

Ocean views.

Green hill and blue ocean.


Rock roses!

Daisy and rock rose!


The Rattlesnake Canyon trailhead is on Las Canoas Rd, fairly close to the SB Botanic Garden. You follow the signs as if you are going to the botanic garden but then turn right on Las Canoas Rd. You park along the road before you get to the stone bridge and the trail is there, marked with a large brown sign that says "Skofield Park Rattlesnake Canyon Wilderness Area."
An address you can use in your GPS is 1900 Las Canoas Rd, Santa Barbara CA 93105.


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