River View Park, Buellton

Santa Barbara, CA

River View Park was highly planned and thought out. Everything is spiffy here. There are lovely curvy paths and landscaping throughout the park. There are large picnic areas with shade coverings that vines will hopefully grow over soon. The views of the mountains are gorgeous. I was expecting to find views of dry, yellow hills because we were in Buellton but on this side of Buellton the views are of high, green mountains. There are spotlessly clean bathrooms and even the trash cans are pretty! You can take a long walk over a bridge and into a valley where the beginnings of a  botanical garden are taking shape.
Kids love the two, unique playgrounds. One has a seesaw-like contraption with three motorcycles that you sit on and bounce. The playground here is in the new space-age style. The other playground, which is also great, has a roller slide, climbing blocks, tight-rope walking bar, stepping circles, monkey bars in unusual shapes, and swings. A picnic area nearby is popular for birthday parties.
It's peaceful at River View Park with no traffic noise and just the mountains and the warm winter sun. It'll be great when the trees grow to provide shade from the summer heat.
If you're hungry, there's a bakery with sandwiches, quiche, salads, soup, fresh-baked bread, and treats in Buellton called Pattibakes. The seating area and friendliness is only "ok" because this is a busy commercial bakery but they make some delicious breads! Buy some oat bread to take home. They are only open on weekdays and Saturday mornings.
If Pattibakes is closed, check out Starbucks with its huge windows, outdoor tables with umbrellas, and modern feel.
When you're done playing, feed the sweet emus at Ostrichland (the ostriches are too mean!), or head into touristy Solvang for some Danish architecture and an abundance of flowerpots. If it's summer, check out Clairmont Lavendar Farm and the newborn baby miniature horses at Quicksilver Ranch.

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Basketball courts and majestic mountains.

Cleanest park bathrooms I've ever seen!

Even the trash cans are pretty! See the picnic tables for large gatherings.

Park bench in a peaceful setting.

Colorful space-age playground.

Gazebo at River View Park.

Fun circle to climb!

Kids LOVE roller slides! Swings with mountain views.

Tight-rope walking bar, stepping stones, and climbing blocks.

Looking through the playground to the picnic areas which are popular for birthday parties.

River View Park is located at 151 Sycamore Dr, Buellton CA 93427.
Exit Highway 101 at Highway 246. Turn left on Highway 246. Go one mile and then turn left on Sycamore Dr. This leads into the parking lot for River View Park.
Pattibakes, 240 E. Hwy 246 #109, Buellton CA 93427, call (805) 686-9582. They are only open on weekdays 7-5 and Saturday mornings 7-12.
Starbucks, 235 E. Hwy 246, Buellton CA 93427, call (805) 865-6481.

Yolanda Macias

2015-09-03 21:19:16

I love love this beautiful park. Your city is amazing and takes care of its park. I adore it!!!
Thank you city of Buellton for such beauty. )

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