Stow Grove Park

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Santa Barbara, CA
Stow Grove Park
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In the middle of Goleta's suburbia is a wonderful redwood forest at Stow Grove Park! You can walk along the barky trails, admire the tall redwoods and pines, and fill up on nature. It feels like you are in Northern California.

Beside the redwood forest, to the south, is a playground and spacious knolly lawn dotted with BBQ areas under huge pines. This is a great place for family gatherings and parties. Kids can run free on the lawn and enjoy the swings and play structure. There are baby swings as well. Bring sand toys to play with beneath the structure.
On the northern side of the redwood forest there are ball fields where men often gather to play soccer. There is a tiny playground and some swings here. Within the forest are huge BBQ pits beside long rows of picnic tables, ideal for large school or business gatherings. There's a feeling of awe at such gatherings as you look up at the trees silhouetted against the sky in a circle around you.
While you're in this part of Goleta, head west on Cathedral Oaks Rd instead of taking the freeway, and you will see lemon orchards on hills in neat rows backed by blue sky. Drive all the way to Glen Annie Rd, pretending you're in the countryside! If you turn left on Glen Annie Rd, you can take the freeway or continue on to Camino Real Shopping Center, which has a huge sunny brick terrace area where you can have a blueberry oatmeal muffin at Anna's Bakery.
Other places to see in Goleta are: Goleta Beach (go south on Fairview Ave) where you can have a swim in the summer and a gorgeous walk on the pier in winter; the groovy college town of Isla Vista, where beachhouses packed with students hang precariously from eroding cliffs and bikes rule the streets; Dinosaur Park, a unique and imaginative playground that kids will love; Coal Oil Point, a walk along cliffs to a beautiful beach with dunes and surfers enjoying the swells; and UCSB Campus where you can have lunch overlooking the sparkling lagoon and walk to Campus Point Beach.

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Swings at the southern end of Stow Grove Park, with mountains behind.

The large expanse of grassy knolls. A popular picnic table with BBQ.

View of the redwoods through the fence at Stow Grove.

An amazing redwood at Stow Grove Park.

There are tables and bbq pits for large gatherings within the forest. It's a magical setting.

Paths strewn with wood chips lead through the redwood forest.

Kids walking through the forest.

The small playground on the northern end of the park, by the soccer field.

Sunny lemon orchards on Cathedral Oaks Rd, near Stow Grove Park.

Drive past lemon orchards...

The huge lawn at Stow Grove Park.

When you see this gate, turn into La Patera Lane, opposite it. This is how you find the park!

Beautiful lily in the forest.

Two girls play volleyball.

A tall redwood tree.


Stow Grove Park is located at N. La Patera Ln across the street from La Patera Pl, Goleta CA 93117.
From Highway 101, exit at Los Carneros Rd. Turn toward the mountains. Turn right on Cathedral Oaks Rd. When you see a large rectangular archway on the LEFT that says "La Patera Ranch," then turn RIGHT on La Patera Lane. If you reach Fairview Avenue, you've gone too far. After you turn right on La Patera Lane, turn left into the first driveway. There is plenty of parking.
There are restrooms in the Redwood forest area.
Anna's Bakery, 7018 Market Place Dr, call (805) 968-5590.


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Thu, 15 Apr 2010

It's been 30 yrs since i was there last. I grew down the street and we always used to hang out there, I miss it so much and will always think of it as home.

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Sun, 20 Sep 2009

This park was fantastic! It was really sunny when we visited - but the tiny trail was covered in shade and was perfect! The park was very well maintained.

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Sat, 13 Jan 2024

thanks for mentioning the baby swings. I built that area in 1975. All that is left are two baby swings a picnic table and two park benches. It is about 30 yards from the end of the parking lot as you look toward the mountains. My kids played in the sand box boat, on the balance beam and ate at the small picnic table. P.Ley

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