Summerland Town

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Santa Barbara, CA
Summerland Town
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Summerland town has a more casual charm than Coast Village Rd in Montecito. Here you find cafes and shops, situated in delightful Victorian houses and colonial-style buildings that overlook a thin strip of blue sea. The sound of the freeway is the only downer.

Red Kettle Coffee on the main strip, Ortega Hill Rd, has a cute building with a square and octagon window, but doesn't feel very cozy for hanging out, with its metal chairs and open windows letting in a cold breeze in winter. On hot weekend days in spring or summer it is lovely to sit out on the mini red picnic tables taking in the scene.
Drive up one of the side streets, such as Valencia Road, and take in the views of the ocean. The residents here are so lucky!
Further east along Lillie Rd, drive up Lambert Rd (at the Pacifica Graduate Institute sign) and see the colorful views of the mountains, tropical flowers, and hills covered in vineyards.
One street further east, drive far up Toro Canyon Rd, and check out the mesmerizing panoramic views on the way to Toro Canyon Park, a wilderness area.
While in Summerland, enjoy a long stroll at Summerland Beach. Your kids can leap around the playground above the beach at Lookout Park. It's pretty to watch the waves splash on the shore below, and the yellow daisies bobbing on the cliff beside you. There is a dog wash station here.
Or enjoy the Romero Canyon Trail for an uphill hike and sweeping ocean views.

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Colonial-style buildings on Summerland's main strip.

Little Victorian house-turned-spa in Summerland, on Lillie Avenue, the main strip.

The equestrian trail in Summerland on Lambert Road.

Perfect little place, on Lambert Road, in Summerland.

View from the top of Colville St in Summerland- anyone have a home they'd like to donate to

Cute octagonal window in Red Kettle Coffee.

Nice square window in Red Kettle Coffee. Needs some cozier (not metal) seats.

Red Kettle Coffee is cute!

Sitting outside on a warm April day at Red Kettle Coffee.

Cute red coffee kettle hanging over the door.

Summerland Beach Cafe.

Outdoor places to sit at Summerland Beach Cafe.

Picnic tables on the front balcony, at Summerland Beach Cafe.


The main strip of Summerland town is on Lillie Avenue.
Exit Highway 101 southbound at Summerland. Turn left and then take the first right on Ortega Hill Rd. Ortega Hill Rd becomes Lillie Ave right away. Park in the slanted parking spots along the road.
From Highway 101 northbound, exit at Evans Avenue, and turn right on Lillie Ave. Park in the slanted parking spots along the road.
Red Kettle Coffee, 2275 Ortega Hill Rd, Summerland CA 93067, call (805) 565-1900.


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Fri, 27 Aug 2010

coffee at cafe luna on the cozy couches is my favorite

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