Tucker's Grove and nearby Greek Church

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Santa Barbara, CA
Tucker's Grove and nearby Greek Church
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NOTE: In the current drought, this park has become extremely dusty during the summer, with dirt blowing around in the air you breathe. My daughter has horrible coughing fits every time we visit in summer.

Tucker's Grove is a popular playground for little kids. It's set in a dry canyon- too hot on warm days but great in winter. On foggy days when the other playgrounds in Santa Barbara are too cold, this is the perfect place to go! And anytime except early morning, you are almost guaranteed to find playmates for your child. Little kids love the playground because there's an octagonal climber, a playground with slides, sand pit, swings, and a cool cement racing station that we use as a tech-deck miniature skate park. Bring marbles or tech decks or matchbox cars with you! Also, bring sand toys to use in the huge sand area.
Large groups of people can have picnics or barbeques on the rows of picnic tables under shady trees. It's not the prettiest park though, because it's so dry.
There's also an uphill trail for biking, hiking, or running at this park which is 6K roundtrip (in and out, not a loop) and has a nice view at the top. The trail starts at the far end of the parking lot (past quite a few speedbumps), where there is also a restroom, some swings, and a slide. You can also start this trail at the top, off Highway 154. It is called San Antonio Creek Trail.
In 'n Out Burger, on the corner of Calle Real and Turnpike Rd, is a good place to grab a burger and fries to bring to the park- they peel and cut the fresh potatoes right in front of you.
For a gorgeous drive from Tucker's Grove, head west on Cathedral Oaks Rd and soon turn right on Via Los Santos. At the end turn left on San Antonio Creek Rd. You will drive past mansions with wonderful views of the mountains and valleys. To see a Greek church with blue dome, turn left on La Riata Lane and turn right immediately into the parking lot. Walk around Santa Barbara Greek Orthodox Church and you can pretend you're on a Greek Island...the white-washed walls, blue dome, chunky white bell tower, golden tiled meditation alcove, fountain, and views all around.
Also in Goleta, check out the Bike Path where you can ride along without car fumes all the way to Goleta Beach Park. Also, check out More Mesa, a little-known walk above private coves.

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The swings, sand pit, and playground with slides. It's nice that there's some shade near the playground.

The tech-deck-style finger skateboard park. Fun!

The space net at Tucker's Grove, a short walk from the main playground.

Shady picnic area.

Toddlers playing at Tucker's Grove.

View on the San Antonio Creek trail, that starts at the far eastern end of the parking lot.

You can also start the San Antonio Creek trail at the top, off Highway 154, as shown here.

White bell tower, blue tile roof, and blue sky.

Are you sure we're not in Greece?

Fountain and views.

Steps and archway.

Meditation area.

Lovely golden tilework in the meditation alcove.

Santa Barbara Greek Orthodox Church.

Blue dome.


Tucker's Grove is located at N. Turnpike Rd and Cathedral Oaks Rd, Santa Barbara CA 93111.
To get to Tucker's Grove, exit Highway 101 at Turnpike Rd and head toward the mountains. The road leads straight into Tucker's Grove. There's plenty of parking, and restrooms.

Saint Barbara Greek Orthodox Church is located at 1205 San Antonio Creek Rd, Santa Barbara CA 93111, call (805) 683-4492. To get to the Greek church, exit Highway 101 at Turnpike Rd and head toward the mountains. At the end, turn left on Cathedral Oaks Rd. Turn right on Via Los Santos. At the end, turn left on San Antonio Creek Rd. Turn left on La Riata Lane and turn right immediately into the parking lot.


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Phillup Pinger

Sun, 10 Jan 2010

I think the hike is great and convienent.

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