West Campus Trail, Goleta

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Santa Barbara, CA
West Campus Trail, Goleta
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West Campus trail leads east from UCSB's West Campus family housing, with views of new housing developments, Devereux lagoon, and the mountains, to Ellwood Bluffs. It's a pleasant walk. Sometimes the trail is paved (near the housing) and sometimes it's dirt, on the bluffs. Since you can't park at the campus housing, you can park on the very west end of Phelps Rd and then walk along the trail toward the ocean. Check out the beautiful views of Ellwood Beach and then either head east toward Ellwood Bluffs and the Butterfly Grove along a gorgeous stretch of cliffs (covered in flowers in the springtime) or head west toward West Campus Housing. The housing has an amazing playground. It's super fun for kids to spin on the swirl-shaped spinner part of the structure. After, you can head back where you came, or get back to your car along Storke Rd then Phelps Rd, passing Girsh Park. The total loop is a little over three miles. The trail is mostly exposed, with a tiny section of shade near the Phelps Rd entrance.
I used to live at West Campus housing when I was studying at UCSB. After two years of continual colds and sinus infections there I acquired a permanent severe reaction to mold. So it has mixed memories for me.

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Pretty trees on the trail near the far east end of Phelps Rd.

Light shining through the trees.

View of Ellwood Beach!

Looking down at Ellwood Beach from the bluffs.

View of mountains, lemon groves on the foothills, and new housing developments on the Venoco land.

Playground at West Campus housing.

Playground under a huge shade canopy, with mountain views in the distance.

Toddler slide.

Toddlers love these clear half domes to sit in and look through!

Surfer bouncy.

Climby that curves around.

Fire pole.

Baby swings and spiral spinner.

Swirly spinner- the best part of the playground.

Monkey bars.

Kids like to climb sideways along this part of the playground.


West Campus trail leads from the far southwest corner of UCSB's West Campus housing to the Ellwood Bluffs. To access it, you can park at the far west end of Phelps Rd and then head toward the ocean. Once you reach the ocean, walk west to get to West Campus housing. Or walk east along the gorgeous Ellwood Bluffs. 


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