Lighthouse Field State Beach, Santa Cruz

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Santa Cruz & San Jose
Lighthouse Field State Beach, Santa Cruz
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Lighthouse Field State Beach is one of the most exciting spots in Santa Cruz! Here people gather to watch surfers brave the waves at the surf spot called Steamer Lane, where a point juts out into the sea. It is cold here! Surfers where wetsuits with hoods and covered feet. A short, dark-brick lighthouse gives the area a sense of place, and fittingly, holds a free surf museum, Santa Cruz Surfing Museum. 

You can go for a long walk along the cliffs for 1km, and also through the center of the park for another kilometer, enjoying the atmosphere of the cypress trees.
There is a surfer statue. And there are restrooms. Near the restrooms is a snack shop called Steamer Lane Supply, with plenty of picnic tables. There is also a coffee shop called Shrine Coffee, part of the Shrine of St. Joseph, located a short walk from the surfer statue.
It is a 25 minute walk downhill from here to Santa Cruz Wharf/Pier. There you can find several restaurants, gift shops, boat and kayak rentals, and sea lions cruising below the pier!
While you're near the redwoods, take a train ride through the forest at Roaring Camp Railroads in Felton- it's a dream! Or you can take a train ride with the same company directly from Santa Cruz Boardwalk to Roaring Camp Railroads! Also in Felton, hike to a pool in the river at Garden of Eden. I loved this hike!

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The lighthouse is a surf museum.

Surfers catch the waves at Steamer Lane.

A surfer paddles out.

Checking out the surf.

A surfer rides a wave.

The brick lighthouse.

Monterey cypress trees.

Looking back toward Santa Cruz pier.

The path and benches.

Wave crashing in the cove, rock covered with birds, and sailboat.

A surfer climbs down from the headland.

Walking along the path.

The lighthouse and blue water.

The lighthouse and flag.

The beach on the other side of the headland.

The cove.

Catching a wave at Steamer Lane.


Lighthouse Field State Park is located along W. Cliff Drive. There are four free parking lots off W. Cliff Drive. 
Santa Cruz Surfing Museum is open 2-4, closed Tues and Wed.
Shrine Coffee is open daily 7-4.
Steamer Lane Supply is open daily 8-6.


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