Circus Playground, Payne Park

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Sarasota FL
Circus Playground, Payne Park
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Circus Playground is an incredible playground with so much equipment! It's amazing how many fun things they have added to this park! Kids can run from one play structure to the next and never run out of ideas. John Ringling, the circus magnate who settled in Sarasota at the turn of the century would love this circus-themed park!

In addition to the playground, there is a winding jogging path,a huge skate park (fenced in, entered with a fee and a helmet, open certain hours), a modern cafe called Cafe in the Park with a sunny patio looking out on the park, and a pond with ducks. Payne Park has some slopes, which is nice for Florida. The cafe is raised up over the park and the jogging path has inclines.
The playground has a toddler area with bridge, circus animals to climb, clown car to drive, circles that spray mist to run through, and elevated stepping stones, slides and tunnels. It is under a shade canopy.
The main playground has a fortune teller station to look through, blue tires to climb, slide with rollers to make you go faster, climbies of all shapes including a ferris wheel, clown picture to poke your head through, rock-climbing walls, bridges, tunnels, and plenty of high spots to look out from. There are many sections to the big kid playground. One is a monkey bar course with big disks to climb, spinning monkey bars, spinning disks, and stepping stones. There are shade canopies spread out around the playground.
In summer, this park has no breeze and can be too hot.
The downtown office buildings are near this park, and workers come to Cafe in the Park for lunch. The cafe is open and airy with modern furniture and sandwiches made with organic ingredients and great flavor combinations. Kids can even get a pressed nutella sandwich!
To cool off after your play, jump in the water at Lido Beach, a 13 minute drive away.
Another modern playground can be found at Riverwalk in Bradenton. It is better in summer because it has cool breezes and a large splash pad. It also has a skate park under the shade of the bridge, with breezes off the water, which is open all the time with no fence or entry fee.

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The amazing play structures.

Colorful slides, twisty climby, rock-climbing walls.

Tiger to climb, and circles that spray mist.

Elephants to climb and clown car to drive.

Circus Park gate, with downtown office buildings behind.

Circus cars decorate the Circus Park gate.

The modern architecture of Cafe in the Park.

A skater does a trick at the skate park.

Sunny patio where you can enjoy your delicious sandwich!

Ducks by the pond.

Hilly jogging path.

Fortune teller station at the playground.

The playground is huge!

Fun-shaped climbies!

Shade canopies are dotted about the playground.

Another fun section of playground.

Blue tires to climb.

Slide with rollers on it to make you go faster!

The toddler area.

Looking in at the playground through the gate.


Payne Park is located at 2050 Adams Lane, Sarasota FL 34237.
Entry to skate park is $5 a day. Helmet required. The skate park is open certain hours, not all the time. Cafe in the Park, 2010 Adams Lane, Sarasota FL 34237, call (941) 361-3032.


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Amazing Park!

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