Riverwalk, Bradenton

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Sarasota FL
Riverwalk, Bradenton
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Riverwalk is a wonderful development on the Manatee River. Here, between two pretty bridges, is a gorgeous promenade where joggers enjoy the breezes off the water. Kids have an absolute blast. There is a toddler playground with a shade canopy and a big-kid space-age playground, both in perfect shape and working beautifully. The splash pad is clean and really fun, in a large circle where kids can move from one fountain to the next. This inspires imaginative play. There is a shower where kids can wash the chlorine off after. Parents can sit in the shade of the amphitheater while their kids play. Teenagers have the best part of all, a skate park under the causeway overpass, which creates a big chunk of shade. With all that shade and the cool wind off the river, skaters can stay for hours and not get too hot. You really need this in Florida!

It's possible to walk 1.3 miles on the riverwalk. Starting on the west end at Twin Dolphin Marina, you can sit in the shade of big trees that line a lovely brick waterfront walkway. This is in front of the Manatee Downtown Central Library. Many people enjoy these benches and it's a nice atmosphere. Don't bother with Pier 22, which looks lke a spiffy waterfront restaurant from the outside but is actually dark and depressing both indoors and at their outdoor seating. You can then walk east under the bridge to the fancy new part of the riverwalk that I described in the first paragraph. You pass the splash pad and the skate park under the bridge, and lots of lovely landscaping. Then you continue on the wonderful open waterfront on Riverfront Drive- there is not much shade here. You turn left on Riverside Drive and walk all the way on the sidewalk (on the other side of the street, not directly on the waterfront) to Caddy's, a waterfront grill. 
Another great playground is Circus Playground at Payne Park in Sarasota. It has an amazing amount of play equipment with a fun circus theme. It also has a skate park, though it is not open all the time like the one at Riverwalk.

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Skateboarding on a sunny day.

There are many young people walking along the promenade.

Swing with a view.

Water play at the splash pad. Behind, the amphitheater provides shade for parents.

Half-dome climby at the toddler playground.

Playground and benches.

Cement lounge chairs along the promenade.

Shady spot under the bridge where the skate park is located.

Skate park with a huge chunk of cool shade.

A shady place with a water view for teens to hang out. What a nice town!

Fun skate park.

Skate park with a view!

Having fun at the skate park.

A jogger enjoys the views.

A safe place to skooter without cars.

The splash pad and amphitheater are a popular place to hang out.

The space-age playground is super fun!

The lime-green playground.

Another section of the playground!

Twin Dolphin Marina is a shady spot to walk on the west end of the Riverwalk.

Lovely brick walkway and shady benches at Twin Dolphin Marina.


Bradenton Riverwalk is located at 101 Waterfront Drive, Bradenton FL. There is free parking along the road by the skate park, plus a public parking lot bordering the west side of the Marriott Courtyard Hotel at 100 Riverfront Drive.
The skate park is free and open all day.


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