Siesta Beach

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Sarasota FL
Siesta Beach
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Siesta Beach is a wide beach with fine, white sand. It feels like you are walking in flour! What an unusual sensation! The sand is cool to your feet even after a long day in the sun, which is also strange! Once you walk to the shore though, the sand is hard-packed and not as white.

Sunsets at Siesta Beach are stunning. The expansive swath of sand and orange sky make you feel alive. You can watch as the glowing ball of sun moves slowly below the horizon. There is usually a nice crowd of people sipping wine and watching along.
Kids have a wonderful time at this beach because the water is calm and remains shallow for a long way out. Pools of water also collect in the sand near the shore, making for an especially fun place to play. While parents watch the romantic sunset, kids entertain themselves endlessly at the shore.
Lifeguard stands of four primary colors dot the shore, adding to the festive mood.
The water had a strange, sulfur scent when we were there in October, which was a bit off-putting.
A cozier, quieter beach nearby is Lido Beach.

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The white-flour sand!

Sand castle at the shore.

Sunbathers laying out on the sand.

A mother follows her child as he explores the shore.

Wave and sky at dusk.

Pool of water to play in at the shore.

Birds flying in a pattern after the sun has gone down.

Looking south down the beach at the condos.

Children enjoying a swim for hours.

Amazing sunset!

The sun falls behind the lifeguard shack as a couple watches from beach chairs.

The beach is wide!

Enjoying day's end with other nature lovers.

A lady sits in a beach chair in the water at shore!

Yellow lifeguard stand.


Siesta Beach is located at 948 Beach Rd, Siesta Key FL 34242. There is a large parking lot with free parking.


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Sun, 25 Jan 2015

That is not the Gulf water you were smelling. That is water from someone's well.

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Kelly D.

Mon, 08 May 2017

Love watching and listening to the water with my love

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Fri, 27 Mar 2020

I've been to 100's and this beach has the best sand.

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