French Quarter, Charleston

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South Carolina
French Quarter, Charleston
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The French Quarter, around Broad Street and State Street, is the nicest part of Charleston. It is in Charleston's original walled city, and has a cobblestone street, Chalmers Street, and a sweet square with amazing twisty oak trees, called Washington Square. Many of the buildings have huge impressive columns in front. There are palm trees galore, and little gardens that you can peek at through wrought iron fences. Walk into the beautiful churches such as St. Michael's Church and First Scots Presbyterian Church. The Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon is a museum with a basement/dungeon, but it was too musty for me, and the tour was kind of slow. 
Finish your walk at Waterfront Park, a lovely promenade along the water, where you can look out past the salt marshes. Swing on the porch swings on the pier here, and also admire the Pineapple Fountain. Pop into Belgian Gelato for some little Dutch pancake called poffertjes. There are also some cafes and bars on Broad Street.

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Amazing ironwork at South Carolina Society.

Beautiful building.

Castle-like Postal Service building.

Curved staircase at City Hall.

Washington Square.

Meeting Street, near Chalmers Street.

The Hibernian Society with its harp symbol.

Brick wall.

Cobblestone street, Chalmers Street.

Hibernian Society, as seen from Chalmers Street.

Cobblestone Chalmers Street.

Washington Square and its twisty trees.

Ironwork gate and trees at Washington Square.

Church steeple, lamppost, and palm trees.

Church steeple in the distance, and tall buildings with balconies.

Looking up at historic buildings and blue sky.

Blind Tiger Pub, on Broad Street.

Beautiful row of buildings.

Cutest rowhouses.

Cute colorful row houses, one with round turret.

Layer upon layer of sumptuous architecture.

General William Moultrie's waistcoast, in the Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon Museum.

The Provost Dungeon (very musty).

Model of early Charleston, in the Provost Dungeon.

The Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon Museum.

Impressive columns at the entrance to St Michael's Church.

Flower basket.

Decorative details.

First Scots Presbyterian Church.

Cute building near Broad Street.

Stained glass in First Scots Presbyterian Church.


The nicest part of the French Quarter is around Broad Street and State St. The nearest parking lot is at 140 E Bay St, Charleston, SC 29401. Parking costs about $1.50 per half hour, so it's pretty pricey.


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