Harbour Town, Hilton Head Island

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South Carolina
Harbour Town, Hilton Head Island
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Harbour Town is part of a development on Hilton Head Island called Sea Pines. You must pay $8 to drive in to Sea Pines, and weirdly, they won't let you pay to bike ride in. I wouldn't want to bike ride here anyway, because it's one of the only places in the US where cars have right of way, not bikes, and the rude residents go blazing past bike riders and pedestrians alike. There is fabulous bike riding near Coligny Beach Park and all over the island on public bike paths, so take advantage of these instead. 

Sea Pines is filled with tourists and there is often traffic at the entrance, or around the parking lots. Still, it's a pleasant place to visit to walk around Harbour Town and have a meal. This area feels like a tourist trap to some people. You can have a meal at one of the restaurants along the Yacht Basin. Crazy Crab Harbour Town has great food but only indoor seating. You can sit on rocking chairs by the water, or walk out on the pier enjoying views of the slightly muted blue green water. Climb the easy 100 steps to the top of the small Harbour Town Lighthouse. This is a great tourist attraction because along the walls as you climb you can read about the island and see little displays. This makes the climb seem easy and fast, which is important if you have kids who can really whine while climbing lighthouses! Parent satisfaction 100%! Another thing parents will enjoy is the large, unique playground, Gregg Russell Harbour Town Playground, near the parking lot. Here kids can play imaginatively under the wide shady trees for hours. 
There is a bakery, The Harbour Town Bakery and Cafe, near the parking lot, with lots of outdoor seating spread out under wide trees. It was packed with people on Sunday morning, but might be easier to enjoy on other days.
Another place to visit in Sea Pines is South Beach Marina.
You can also check out the walking trails in Sea Pines Forest Preserve, which has nice views at Fish Island.
Another great place to visit on Hilton Head Island is the Coastal Discovery Museum, where you can walk their gorgeous grounds on boardwalks over the salt marsh.

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Seating outside Harbour Town Bakery and Cafe.

Harbour Town Bakery and Cafe.

Gregg Russell Playground is a ton of fun.

Stepping stones.

Tunnel to climb through.

Climbing a tree.

The harbor.

Lighthouse in the distance.

The harbor is a serene scene.

Walking out on the pier.

The end of the pier is nice and shady.

Relaxing at the end of the pier.

The water!

Lovely day at the end of the pier.


Taking the boat out for a spin.

Walking toward the lighthouse from the pier.

Inside the lighthouse there is lots of information.

US Coast Guard exhibit inside the lighthouse.

Rescue exhibit inside the Harbour Town Lighthouse.

The construction of the Harbour Town Lighthouse, in 1969.

Diorama inside the Harbour Town Lighthouse.

Tire swing at Gregg Russell Playground in Harbour Town.

Beach beside the pier.

Pretty colors of the Calibogue Sound, which is part of the Intracoastal Waterway, which goes from Maine to Florida.

The pier and the pretty colors of the water.

Harbour Town.

Liberty Oak tree.

View from the Harbour Town Lighthouse.

Flag on the Harbour Town Lighthouse.

Sitting outside at a cafe at Harbour Town.

Bench swing under a tree.


Harbour Town is located in the Sea Pines Development. You must pay $8 to enter the area. Parking is free, once you enter. 
Crazy Crab Harbour Town, 149 Lighthouse Rd, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928.
Parking lot is at 135 Lighthouse Road. 
Harbour Town Lighthouse. Open daily 10am to sundown. Admission is $4.50. Children aged 5 and under enter for free.


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