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Fort Pierce town
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Fort Pierce is a sleepy, modest town with not much to see. There is Fort Pierce City Marina, at the east end of Ave A with lovely views of the Indian River and its pretty slate-blue hue. You can admire the boats and walk the walkway behind Crabby's, where you will find lots of pelicans. One even flew up onto a railing near me- it was surprisingly huge! There is a gift shop next to Crabby's that kids enjoy. Don't bother to buy fish food here because the fish don't eat it! If you continue walking south, there is brick-paved square, benches, sculptures, and lamp posts, but this area, Marina Square, feels run down. Fishermen line the walkway from Marina Square all the way to Melody Lane Fishing Pier, which looks like a pretty spot to walk out onto the water. At the marina and Ave A, there are a few places to eat, such as Crabby's, up high over the water on a rooftop, and Cobb's Landing, under an attractive grass shack. Both are crab shack type of places with lots of seafood.

The best place to visit is Old Florida Coffee Company, a modern coffee shop in the historic Cobb building. This building is so cute, with its wooden balcony and amazing decor. At Christmastime it is beautifully decorated with all manner of magical things. You can have a crepe or cup of tea, while looking out the huge picture windows. This was by far my best moment in Fort Pierce town. There is a cute clothing boutique and florist on Avenue A. The Cobb Building was built in 1882 and had a store where Native Americans, planters, and fishermen traded. Schooners and steamboats stopped on their way down from north Florida. The store supplied the cattlemen who gathered their massive herds each winter to trek across the state. 
St. Lucie County Court building is a pretty building of yellow and orange. You can sit outside with views of it while eating a delicious cranberry muffin from Importico's Bakery Cafe. It is not beautiful inside like Old Florida Coffee Co, but still a nice spot. 
On Saturdays the area is humming because of the morning Farmers market. 
A few days before Halloween, come to the witches paddle, a gathering of witches on paddleboards floating through the Fort Pierce Marina, by the Manatee Center. 
Walk north on the sidewalk in front of Cobb's Landing restaurant. The marina is on your right, and some stinky construction on your left. There is a sewer smell in this area. You come to Manatee Observation Center. On very cold days in winter, you can stand at the second-floor observation deck and look down on the marina where manatees like to hang out, taking shelter from the cold. Below, there is also a cute butterfly garden on the water, with a walkway decorated in a butterfly theme, glittering sea-themed benches, and beach sunflowers. There is also an area where kids can measure themselves against the 10 feet length of a manatee! Here you also find a lovely pond with water lilies. Inside, the center is fairly old with a few modest tanks with fish and some lift-the-flap question and answer exhibits about manatees that kids enjoy, plus a fun gift shop with a sea theme. 
Behind the manatee center is a visitor center in a run-down house called Seven Gables. Behind it is the A. E. Backus Museum & Gallery. Although the building is a bit musty and uninspiring inside, the paintings are wonderful! There is such a beautiful use of light in them. There are also paintings by artists from the Highwaymen era.
Pierced Ciderworks is one block away in a yellow historic house. The interior area is small but outside there are chairs and picnic tables under a huge eucalyptus tree with colorful crocheted fabric around it! They have delicious sour berry hard cider you won't forget! Come when they have live music- it's wonderful! Especially come when HairPeace are playing- their harmonies are amazing. 
Other live music places are: Skipper's Cove, and Pineapple Joe's. 
While in Fort Pierce, you must go to the Heathcote Botanical Gardens, a tropical paradise with themed gardens and lovely flowers everywhere! They also have Christmas lights in December. 
A great place to go in Fort Pierce is the Smithsonian Aquarium, a small but well-cared-for aquarium in an area fronting the lagoon, with a white sand beach, playground, and walking path past bright turquoise waters filled with arching dolphins. Behind the aquarium is the St Lucie County History Museum, a memorable museum where you will learn a ton of interesting things! Continue to Jetty Park to see the blue water and walk along the waterfront on the pretty path. You can sometimes see manatees here by the rocks.
Fort Pierce is a handy place to stop if you want to go on a beautiful drive along the intracoastal, down Indian River Drive. Start at Orange Ave and then drive south on Indian River Drive. You will see mansions and sweet cottages with fig trees and plumeria in their yards on your right, and private wooden docks jutting out into the dreamy Indian River on your left. Palms sway in the breeze as you let the breeze blow in your windows, turn the stereo up, and enjoy a long, lazy weekend drive. Once you come to Walton Rd, you can use it to get back to the freeway. After 15 miles, you will come to Jensen Beach Blvd where you can stop for a drink at one of the bars or restaurants.
Or if you want to drive by the beach instead of the river, take Highway A1A for twenty minutes past many beaches, the nuclear plant, and then have a meal at upscale Hutchinson Shores Resort, in their restaurant on the water called Drift Kitchen. The views of the waves are wonderful and the food is good. 
For a nice beach near Fort Pierce downtown, check out Pepper Park Beach.
There are usually fireworks at Marina Square around 9pm on July 4th.

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Tropical house with silver roof, blue siding, and yellow window frames, across the street from Pierced Ciderworks.

Metalwork tree inside Pierced Ciderworks.

The bar inside Pierced Ciderworks.

Pelican bobbing in the jade green water.

Adorable Christmas decorations at Old Florida Coffee Co.

A young couple walks at the marina, over a compass.

Cobb's Landing has outdoor seating under a thatched roof.

Painting on the side of a building.

Sitting outside at Old Florida Coffee Co.

Old Florida Coffee Company is a lovely place with big windows, in the Cobb Building.

Row of benches and palms in Marina Square.

Christmas tree by the Cobb Building.

HairPeace playing on a weekend afternoon at Pierced Ciderworks.

View from 121 Tapas on the Water.

Looking through archway at the river from Melody Lane.

Mangroves at the river.

Renaissance on the River apartments across from the waterfront.

Waterfront area at downtown Fort Pierce.

The marina next to the Manatee Observation Center.

The Manatee Observation Center.

Inside the Manatee Observation Center.

Indian River Drive near Orange Ave.

Marina Park, the waterfront.

Sitting outside Importico's Bakery.

Caribbean blue building at the marina.

Waterfront benches in the square.

Bench with a view of the sailboats, in the square.

Marina Square.

Fountain and view of salt marsh, at Marina Square.

Orange building and palms, near Importico's Bakery.

The county buildings and fancy lamposts are nice.

County court building and fancy lamppost.

The gazebo in Gazebo Park on the marina.

Caribbean blue building where Cobb's Landing restaurant is located.

The Cobb building was built in 1882.

Old Florida Coffee Co has nice outdoor seating on its narrow patio.

Christmas tree and fancy chairs at Old Florida Coffee Co.

The Cobb Building has shops to browse.

Cobb's Landing has nice seating on the marina under a thatched roof.

Long table at Old Florida Coffee Co.

Nutcrackers outside Old Florida Coffee Co.

The county court building is pretty.

Boats at the city marina.

The gift shop.

Crabby's has some outdoor seating near the gift shop.

Cute decoration.

The docks.

An egret at Marina Square.

Stormy sky and palm trees.

Inside the gift shop.

A dad carrying his child on his shoulders.

Pelican who came to say hi!

View across a canal to the Manatee Center.

The Manatee Center.

Bridge to the Manatee Center.

Wildlife Boat Tours at the dock near Marina Square.

The gift shop is in a yellow building.

Compass that kids love to run on, at city marina.

Benches with a view of the marina.

Looking across the marina.

Sitting outside at 12A Buoy Seafood Restaurant.

Doing yoga at South Causeway Beach, near the Smithsonian Aquarium.

Dock near the Smithsonian Aquarium.

South Causeway Beach.

Norfolk pines and palm trees on Seaway Drive.

Coast Guard auxiliary building in red and blue, on Seaway Drive.

Coast Guard building on Seaway Drive.

Santa inflatable on a boat in city marina.

Crabby's Dockside Restaurant, at city marina.

Truck stage and picnic tables, at Pierced Ciderworks.

HairPeace playing an enjoyable set at Pierced Ciderworks.

I love this tropical blue house with silver roof, across the street from Pierced Ciderworks.

Crocheted yarn around a tree at Pierced Ciderworks.

Beer and building blocks at Pierced Ciderworks.

Stage with shade canopies and trees, at Pierced Ciderworks.

Mural on a yellow tropical building at Pierced Ciderworks.


The main strip of Fort Pierce is Ave A where it meets the Indian River.
Old Florida Coffee Company, 100 Avenue A, Fort Pierce, FL 34950.
Fort Pierce City Marina, 1 Avenue A, Fort Pierce, FL 34950.
Manatee Observation Center, 480 N Indian River Dr, Fort Pierce, FL 34950. Open Tues-Sat 11-3. Entrance is $3. 
A. E.. Backus Museum and Gallery, 500 N Indian River Dr, Fort Pierce, FL 34950. Open Wed-Sat 10-4, Sun 12-4, closed Mon and Tues. Entrance is $5.


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