Heritage Ridge Walk, Hobe Sound

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Stuart, FL
Heritage Ridge Walk, Hobe Sound
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Heritage Ridge is one of the few hilly areas in South Florida! Many people enjoy walking the neighborhood! It is pleasant to see hills for a change, and to walk past the many tropical plants. There are trees with red bottle brush flowers that bloom in the spring, royal poinciana trees that look glorious in May, and little blue and yellow wildflowers along the sidewalk in July. Birds sing happily in the morning. Bunny rabbits hop along. Rainbow lizards dart under the golf course bridge. You may even see an otter in the ponds at the golf course at the end of Lexington Ave! Come very early in the morning since there isn't much shade. 

There are two streets to walk, SE Lexington Ave and SE Constitution Blvd. Lexington Ave is the one with many bottle brush trees and has the most shade. Constitution Blvd is raised up so you get sweeping views over the golf course. It is not far from the ocean, as the bird flies, so the air is clean and there's a nice breeze. SE Heritage Blvd is the main road between these two streets and from it you can see two large glorious banyan trees outside the golf course club house. All three of these streets have sidewalks on at least one side of the road. 
This is a three mile walk if you walk all of Heritage Blvd from Dixie Hwy to Federal Hwy, and walk to the north end of both side streets. 
If you walk to the end of Tory Place, you can often see wildlife in the canal. It is almost like a wildlife sanctuary there are so many different birds! There is a bench (not shady) where you can enjoy the view. 
You can sit outside on the back balcony of Heritage Ridge Golf Club enjoying the sunset while having cocktails each night- this is a favorite with locals. Once a month there is a prime rib dinner, that you must reserve ahead of time. 
Another pleasant walk in this area is Seabranch Blvd and you can have a coffee at Bagel Bistro after, sitting in the cool morning air on their French chairs outside. 
You can also have a coffee at Hobe Sound Social and Coffee in Hobe Sound town.
After, check out the ocean at Hobe Sound Beach. Or sit outside in the strong breeze at Starbucks on Federal Hwy near Cove Rd, a six minute drive away. Or have a meal in Port Salerno.

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Banyan tree outside Heritage Ridge Golf Course clubhouse, where you can eat a meal at lunch and on certain nights.

Royal poinciana tree on Constitution Blvd.

Benches at the top of a ridge, looking out on the golf course below, facing the ocean breeze.

Benches looking out on views.

Shady spot along Constitution Blvd.

The apartment complex at the end of Constitution Blvd.

Pink tropical flowers.

Pink hibiscus.

Yellow flowers around a lamppost.

Tropical vines growing up palm tree trunks.

White flower and cute, hardy leaves.

Shady spot on Heritage Blvd as it winds down to Dixie Hwy.

The pond along Heritage Blvd.

Pond and planter on Heritage Blvd.

View of palms across the pond.

The path goes under the banyan tree.

Banyan tree!

Looking up at the banyan tree.

Looking down at the canal and purple bougainvillea, from Heritage Blvd.

Norfolk pine.

Orange Brazilian bromeliads and palms.

Flowering palms on Lexington Ave.

Bridge at the golf course on Lexington Ave.

Flowering palm and royal poinciana tree.

Royal poinciana flowers bursting with color!

Royal poinciana flowers along the path at the end of Lexington Ave.

Golf course on Lexington Ave.

I love these plants with their adorable silhouette, on Lexington Ave.

Sunset walk by the golf course.

Sunset over Heritage Ridge.

Otters swimming in the creek along Heritage Blvd!

Two otters playing in the creek on Heritage Blvd near Federal Hwy!

Sweet flowers on the sidewalk.

Brazilian bromeliad called Blanchet's Aechmea.

Blanchet's Aechmea, a vibrant orange plant from Brazil.

Blanchet's Aechmea bromeliad.

The end of Lexington Ave.

Pond on Lexington Ave.

Thatch palm catching the sunlight beside the pond on Lexington Ave.

Canary palm.

The golf course on Constitution, around sunset.

Constitution Blvd winding sidewalk, around sunset.

Flowering palm.

Pretty flower, yellow with black middle.

Orange hibiscus.

The two banyan trees outside Heritage Ridge Golf Club.

Alligator by a pond. Photo by Brenda Gorman.

Sandhill cranes are so tall and amazing! Once I saw them do a mating dance.

Roseate spoonbill, in the middle of the day at the end of Tory Place.

Fountain in a pond, catching the light.

Pink flowers and glossy leaves.

Interesting flower on Royal Poinciana tree.

Royal Poinciana tree in September.

Bench where you can watch wildlife in the canal, at the end of Tory Place.

Two roseate spoonbills by the canal! I love them!

Egret, in the grasses at Heritage Enclave.

You can run 10 km from Heritage Ridge Blvd to Peck Lake Park and back, in a loop.


This walk includes three streets: SE Lexington Ave, SE Heritage Blvd, and SE Constitution Ave.


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