Maggy's Hammock Park, Stuart

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Stuart, FL
Maggy's Hammock Park, Stuart
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It's lovely to walk the paved trail through Maggy's Hammock Park! It's just a short trail, with white sand nature trails leading from it. Along the path are beautiful trees typical of Florida coastal hammock (jungle): oaks strung with Spanish moss, flatwood pines, silvery palmetto plants. The trees provide lots of shade. The patches of ancient white sand that came from the apalachian mountains are always a delight in these areas. Halfway along you come to a playground with cute animals bouncies. Laminated plaques are situated along the path, each with a new page of a storybook about sea animals. This encourages kids to keep trekking along! 

The paved path is only about 300m long.
Extend your walk by taking one of the sandy nature trails, or by walking north along SE Kubin Ave to Twin Rivers Park where you will find a little white sand cove on the intracoastal, two fishing piers, nice breezes, and a lawn raised up above the vibrant blue-green water. If you walk to Twin River Park, around its loop, and back to Maggy's Hammock Park, your walk is two miles. There is not much shade at Twin Rivers Park though, so come on a cloudy day.
After, have a pink drink at Starbucks, near Cove Rd, at 5932 SE Federal Hwy, nine minutes drive away.

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Children's book along the path.

Over in the Ocean book for kids to read as they walk along the trail.

Oak branches over the path.

Tortoise cruising along.

Palmetto plants always look lovely.

Wooden raised path.

Cute house at the end of the walk.

Storybook along the walk.

Colorful story kids can read to keep them interested in the walk.

It's pretty in the forest at Maggy's Hammock.


Maggy's Hammock Park is located at 3854 SE Kubin Ave, Stuart, FL 34997. There is a parking lot.


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