Scrub and Beach Trail, Hobe Sound Nature Center

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Stuart, FL
Scrub and Beach Trail, Hobe Sound Nature Center
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The Scrub Trail at Hobe Sound Nature Center makes for a lovely hike! Here you can actually see a vista, a rare thing in Florida. At the top of the hill, you look down on bushland and the blue intracoastal. It's invigorating to be high up for a change! 

You start the trail at the beach access, next to the nature center. Walk the stairs down to the beach and turn right. Walk the incredible sugary white sand at the shore until you come to another trail on your right. Take that trail to the lagoon trail, which leads to the left to a little spot on the intracoastal. Come at high tide when the water is crystal clear. A long branch stretches out over the water, framing the scene. Turn back onto the lagoon trail and take it till you turn left on the Scrub Trail. Follow it in a loop and you will come to lots of little steps made of logs in the white sand. Eventually you will be at the top of the landscape and can look down on a beautiful vista. This reminded me of the bushland in Sydney, where you see lots of trees and always a peek of a water view. The intracoastal far in the distance looks a deep blue. Continue on past a gopher tortoise crossing sign, until you reach a gazebo with a pointy roof and a picnic table. You are now back at the nature center. 
Kids love this hike and get very excited, running ahead on the white sand path, beating you up the next incline. Floridians are just too excited when they find somewhere hilly!
Come on a cold, cold day when there are no mosquitoes. You sometimes get these cold days when the northeast is having a wintry spell. Whenever we get these cold days, we like to do hikes in Florida. The rest of the time you will get too many mosquito bites! Recently, I hiked this path on an April morning and I was attacked by mosquitoes. I didn't feel anything until the last painful bite when I ran to my car. The next day I was covered in extremely itchy bites :(
This hike is 1000 meters long.

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The beginning of the path is sugar white sand.

Birds of Prey plaque along the trail.

The wide path of perfect white sand.

Sand path and little sections of wood over damp spots.

The views from high up.

A cold day is a good day to walk.

Saw palmetto along the trail.

Bench by the views.

Spanish moss.

Little gazebo behind the Nature Center.

The sugar sand river beach you can access from the Nature Center parking lot.

Tropical paradise!

The crystal clear water.

The beach you come to when you take the lagoon trail.

Coastal hammock area, which has rugged palms.

Signs showing you the way.

A narrow section of path.

Branch stretching out over the water at the lagoon.

You can see Jupiter Island on the other side.

Pine forest section.

A hiker on the path.

Barren tree.


The Beach Trail is the stairs that lead down to the beach from the parking lot for the nature center. From the beach you can take the Lagoon Trail which leads to the Scrub Trail. You can also take the Scrub Trail from behind the nature center. 
Hobe Sound Nature Center is located at 13640 SE Federal Hwy, Hobe Sound, FL 33455. There is plenty of free parking.


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