Sunshine Wildlife Boat Tour, Stuart

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Stuart, FL
Sunshine Wildlife Boat Tour, Stuart
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Sunshine Wildlife Tour is a wonderful pontoon boat tour that takes you out for two hours in manatee pocket and around the islands. The water has gorgeous varying shades of blue because it is so shallow in some spots and you can even see a sandbar with birds on it. Bird island has all manner of huge woodstorks and birds flying around with whole fish dangling from their mouths. We saw a manatee in the shallow water and it was a delight to see him come up for air! We saw a bottlenose dolphin arch gracefully alongside the boat. It is fun also to see the lovely mansions on the water's edge and to contemplate what it would be like to enjoy a view like that all day long!

Nancy, the captain, is a real scientist and knows everything there is to know about the Indian River Lagoon. It is fascinating to hear about how the ecosystem is so fragile and how we must be careful to not disturb it. She dips in to get some water and then hands it around in a sort of microscope. You can see the tiny zooplankton swimming around and she explains how the estuary is a nursery for the baby wildlife of the sea. It is fun for kids to look in the microscopes. She also hands around a manatee rib bone so you can feel how heavy it is, plus a manatee jaw bone with teeth, and bird bones and beaks. Nancy explains how sea walls do damage but natural mangrove trees support the shoreline in amazing ways. Pesticides and fertilizer from suburban homes are ruining animals' lives. Don't use them on your lawn! There is plenty of shade on the boat and a toilet.
You pass picturesque Sandsprit Park while on the boat. Go there afterward for a walk along the water or a play on the playground.You can stay and dine at one of the restaurants at Port Salerno, where the boat docks. Try Shrimpers Grill and Raw Bar.

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Sandsprit Park, as seen from the water.

View from the boat docked.

The boat before leaving.

The docks we pass as we head out.

A waterfront house has a fake alligator in their yard!

View of the shoreline.

Beautiful mansion on the intracoastal waterway.

Gorgeous colors.

Bridge to Hutchinson Island.

Birds love pilings.

What a cool backyard! Swings with view of the water.

Birds on sandbar.

Red mangrove and white mangrove.

Bird Island- there are so many birds! Safety in numbers.

Pretty point.

Mansion on the water. Check out the pink roof!


From Highway 95 northbound, exit at Kanner Hwy and turn right. Go 1.8 miles and then turn right on SE Salerno Rd. After three miles, at the end, you will find parking for the restaurants and Sunshine Wildlife Tours.
Sunshine Wildlife Boat Tour, 4290 SE Salerno Rd, Stuart FL 34997, call (772) 219-0148.
Trips depart at 10:15 Tues and Sat, with an extra tour on Wednesday during the winter tourist season. Cost is $50 per person, and includes lunch and beverages.


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