Boathouse, Palm Beach

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Sydney, Australia
Boathouse, Palm Beach
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The Boathouse, on the Pittwater side at the tip of the Barrenjoey peninsula, is everything a restaurant should be: surreal views of blue-green water and miles of pristine coastline far off in the distance, outdoor seating with plenty of white decor that offsets the amazing colors of the water on all three sides of you, and reasonably-priced good food. You order and pay up front and then find a table and aaaah....this is more than the life! How could a place be this beautiful?

Things are quite chic here, with barrels full of fresh fruit and jars of fancy candies spread about. But the ambience is laidback.
After you eat, you can walk out on the pier and look down at the clear water below. Although the beach looks perfect, the sand is goopy and inhabited by some strange jellies. This is the kind of water that is better to look at than swim in.
You can sit on a bench at the park beside the restaurant and watch the boats bob up and down. Or explore the many paths on this peninsula, even taking one up to the Barrenjoey lighthouse (built in 1881), a 2km return trip (see open hours below). If you have kids, let them blow off steam at the amazing playground near the main road, Governor Phillip Park. There are swings, huge rowboats made of gorgeous wood, two space nets (rope climbeys), a see-saw, and spinners. To walk here, you pass under huge Norfolk pines with thick trunks.
The Barrenjoey peninsula is a thin strip of land. At the Boathouse, you are on the Pittwater side, and only a short walk away, you are on the ocean side, at Palm Beach North. It's magic to be surrounded by such varied nature, all gloriously beautiful. Walk to the high sand dunes at Palm Beach North and revel in it all!

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Entrance to the Boathouse.

Native Aussie plants.

Fishing nets and eggplants.

Life's abundance...fresh fruits, vegetables, and flowers for sale at the entrance of Boathouse.

Lovely delights of nature for sale.

Artsy decor in the Boathouse.

The view of perfect, clear water.

You can't beat this!

The Boathouse and its epic location!

Looking back at the shore from the pier.

Side area at the Boathouse.

The water...

Sailboat across Pittwater.

Sitting in the sun at the Boathouse.

Table with a view.

Happy times in paradise!

What a view!

Lunch at the boathouse.

Boats docked by the pier.

Gorgeous view across the water.

Grassy area beside the Boathouse.

Place to relax...

From the Boathouse you can walk uphill to a hiking trail.

Hiking trail to the dunes with Barrenjoey Lighthouse in the distance.

Or you can walk across to Palm Beach North.

After your meal, enjoy incredible views over the northern end of Palm Beach.


The Boathouse is located at the northernmost tip of the Barrenjoey peninsula, on the bay (Pittwater) side. You turn off Barrenjoey Rd at the driveway for Governor Phillip Park and drive just past the park, call 9974 3868.
Barrenjoey lighthouse is open on Sundays 11-3 with tours every half hour. Cost for a tour is $5 for adults and $2 for children. Meet at the top, at the Keepers Cottage. No bookings are required.


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