Palm Beach South

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Sydney, Australia
Palm Beach South
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Palm Beach is a stunning beach with much to offer. The scenery is gorgeous, with a lush green headland covered in mansions to the south and a rocky headland where waves crash over rocks and spurt up, in front of miles of coastline in the distance to the north. You can see the Barrenjoey lighthouse and high sand dunes to the north. The sand is absolute magic- orange-pink, soft and abundant, and clean. Dig your feet into it- wow! Tiny white shells dot the sand, all over, not just near the shore. Pick them up- they are perfectly smooth.

The water is delightful and great for kids because it remains shallow for a long way out. Swim between the flags that the lifeguards put out for the summer, starting in October. The water is fairly warm most of the year, and breaks in fun, small waves that are good for playing in. Watch out for blue bottles, little jellyfish that come out during certain tides. They are usually visible on the shore. If you choose to swim when they are around, you can keep an eye out for them as they float on the surface, especially if you swim out past the breakers. If you get stung, pull the stinger off your skin with your fingers and then shower with the hottest water you can stand.  For a colder swim, but without blue bottles, try the ocean swimming pool on the southern end of the beach.
Everything is green and lovely around Palm Beach, including the rows of thick Norfolk Pines that line up where the sand begins. You can take a long walk down the beach to Palm Beach North, a windy beach. From there you can explore the dunes or hike up to Barrenjoey lighthouse.
There is a kiosk at Palm Beach South. You can get a meat pie and eat it at one of the benches by the beach. The seating at the kiosk is ok, but nothing special, and the food is overpriced. If you feel like a walk, there is a nicer kiosk on the northern end, plus the amazing Boathouse with views you won't believe and decent prices considering the view.
A handy bus runs along here. You catch it right by the beach on Ocean Place and it takes you around to the northern end of the beach, Governer Phillip Park, the Boathouse, and then Palm Beach Wharf and Snapperman Beach. It is the L90 and comes every half hour.
Morning is the best time to come to Palm Beach because a strong wind often appears in the afternoon. The sun is super bright in Australia so wear sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat, and try not to come in the middle of the day.
The suburb of Palm Beach is home to the rich and famous. Walking around the streets behind Palm Beach is pleasant. Take in the mansions and their modern architecture. There are tropical flowers, banana trees, bottle brush trees, and birds singing happily. This is life at its absolute best....enjoy.

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What a pretty place!

Yoga bench in a colorful wonderland.

Beach pine and the dunes at Palm Beach North in the distance.

Cafe right by the beach- handy.

Nice to be a lifeguard in this blissful location.

Norfolk pines line the beach- majestic.

An abundance of sand with little, whole shells in it.

The ocean swimming pool on the right side of the beach.

What a peaceful place to watch the waves roll in.

A surfer makes his way to the water.

Palm Beach from above.

The lovely curve of the beach, from above.

A glorious place. See the rock formations at the top of the headland and the waves breaking on the tip of the headland.

Look at that sand! And the clear, inviting water!

The colors of the water beckon you as you drive down Ocean Pl.

Banana trees. A tropical scene on Florida Rd.

Red bottlebrush offset by tropical greenery on Florida Rd.

Bottlebrush catching the light!

Pedestrian crossing to happiness.

Shade from beach pine, and colors of the water.

The wind picks up in the afternoon, but the colors of the water remain.

Afternoon stroll...

Pink sunset sky- the end of another gorgeous day.


Palm Beach is the northernmost beach on the Barrenjoey peninsula. Follow Barrenjoey Rd north as far as you can go. It crosses from the Pittwater (bay) side to the beach side of the peninsula and becomes Ocean Rd. Follow Ocean Rd to the end and park your car. This is Palm Beach South.
The L90 bus goes from the city at Railway Square/Central via Wynyard to Palm Beach. The last stop, on Ocean Place, is right at Palm Beach South, beside the shops and kiosk. You get off at Ocean Place when you arrive, and get back on the bus to leave in virtually the same spot, just a few meters down on the same side of the road (the bus makes a loop).


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Fri, 11 Nov 2011

I wish I was there right now......I NEED TO BE THERE NOW!!!

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