Blackwattle Bay Park, Glebe

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Sydney, Australia
Blackwattle Bay Park, Glebe
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Blackwattle Bay Park is a wonderful place to take a stroll on a sunny day. The water beside you glistens as you take in the city skyline. Sydney tower reaches up in its golden splendor, while the white Sydney skyscrapers stretch to the sky. You pass some pretty Victorian buildings along the way, as well as some remnants of the grotty industry that used to pervade here. Now, though, there's far more loveliness than industry. You can walk all the way from the end of Glebe Point Rd to the end of Ferry Rd on a cement walking path. Dog owners like this park because dogs are allowed to run leash-free. It's not so good if you're scared of being bowled over or have a young child who is about the same height as the dogs. Blackwattle Bay Park's pathway continues on at Jubilee Park/Federal Park and you can follow it all the way to the tram (light rail) station. This is a handy way to get back to the city center for only about $4.
Admire the architecture of Bellevue Cottage, a Victorian house with Italianate features, built in 1896. It is owned by the Sydney Council and was a cute cafe for a while. When you leave, to get back to the walking path, you walk down little stone steps through a tiny forest of trees, and you feel that all is right with the world.

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Early morning joggers at Blackwattle Bay Park.

A pleasant stroll...

Pretty buildings above.

Yacht and luxury apartment homes.

A mother and daughter with city houses behind.

Victorian house beside the path.

Sydney tower in the distance.

Dock at Blackwattle Bay Park.

Boat on the water.

Ladies strolling along on an October day.

Bellevue Cottage, built in 1896.

Bellevue Cottage used to be a cafe.

Bellevue Cottage, a Victorian cottage with Italianate features.

Bellevue Cottage when it used to be a cafe.

Bike riding along the path.

Beautiful Sydney and its sparkling waterways.

Rowing team.

Shaded walkway.

Bench with a view.

Boats, Anzac bridge, blue water.

Wide walkway by the water.

Blue water, blue sky...what Sydney is all about.

Stairs leading under trees to the cafe.

I love this salmon-colored building.

SUPs on the water.

I love you, Sydney!

Blackwattle Bay Park at night.


Park your car at the end of Glebe Point Rd in Glebe and take the walkway to the right (east). This is Blackwattle Bay Park. If you walk left you will be in Jubilee Park/Federal Park.
Or catch the light rail (tram) toward Lilyfield and get off at the Jubilee Park station. You then take the walking path through Jubilee Park along the water to Blackwattle Bay Park.
Bellevue Cottage is located at 55 Leichhardt St, Glebe.


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