Barnett Family Playground and Splash Pad, Lakeland

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Tampa, FL
Barnett Family Playground and Splash Pad, Lakeland
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Barnett Family Playground is in a fantastic area on Lake Mirror, just a short walk from downtown Lakeland. It has two space nets, one that you can spin around like a merry go round. There are huge disc swings, a spinner, a tightrope, unique monkey bars, a music station, a motorcycle see-saw, and a tractor slide! On hot days, kids can enjoy the splash pad with a bucket that dumps water on your head!

The park is decorated with some nice sculptures of family scenes. 
For some reason, when I was there on a weekday morning there were no kids at all at the playground.
Next door, check out Garden Bistro, a little cafe with views of the lawn and lake. Past it, don't miss Hollis Garden, a gorgeous garden with little partitioned areas, all with the blue backdrop of the lake. Speakers in the garden play classical music- your little ones will love it!
After, walk along the lake promenade checking out the water lilies. And then have a tea or coffee at one of the cute coffee shops downtown.

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Yellow roses behind Garden Bistro.

Old tree and clock.

Sculpture of a mom reading to a child.

Bright playground floor.

Disc swing and motorcycle see-saw.

Sculpture of dad and son flying a kite.

Disc swings and pyramid space net!

Bucket that dumps water on your head, on the splash pad, with views of the lake.

Disc swing, pyramid space net, and spinning merry go round space net.

Perfect puffy clouds, clock, and magnolia tree.


Barnett Family Park is located at 702 E Orange St, Lakeland, FL 33801. The closest parking lot is this address and appears to have free parking. 
You could also park near downtown and walk the slope down to the lake promenade. Parking is $1 an hour in the Cedar Street garage and Main Street garage. You can park along most streets for free for two hours. To park along the street for more than two hours, you need to download the ParkMobile App and pay $1 per hour.


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