Bayshore Blvd walk, Tampa

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Tampa, FL
Bayshore Blvd walk, Tampa
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It's lovely to walk along Bayshore Blvd taking in the expansive views. There are workout stations located along the walk, and plenty of people pass you by. Drinking fountains are also a welcome feature. Trees with red flowers dot the path though there is very little shade in general- this walk is best done in winter or very early in the morning. There is traffic noise, but the blue water and sky all around you make it worth it. The fancy balustrades of the fence make for a cute sight with the blue water behind. Check out also the changes in color in the bay where sand bars make a creamy green stripe. 

This walk follows the bay for six miles one way. It starts at Hawthorne Rd in the south, and ends at Columbus Statue Park.
At night it is beautiful here with the city lights and the sparkling water.

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View of the city skyline.

The fancy balustrades with the blue water behind.

Workout stations along the way.

Tree with red flowers.


This wide path starts at Columbus Statue Park in the north, and ends at Hawthorne Rd. You can access the path from these parking areas: Bay to Bay Park, Ballast Point Park, and Fred Ball Park.


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