Fort DeSoto Fishing Pier and Egmont Key

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Tampa, FL
Fort DeSoto Fishing Pier and Egmont Key
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Fort DeSoto Fishing Pier is within Fort DeSoto Park. It's a nice place to stop and take in the breezes off the bay, and enjoy views of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. Way across from you is Anna Maria Island, though you can't see it. On either side of the pier is a stretch of mucky beach. Tall palms dot the road and the parking lot. 

From here you can take Hubbard's Ferry to Egmont Key. It must be nice to ride over the bay to the little island. It has a small, white lighthouse, and white beaches dotted with sea oats. There are some shady spots along the beach under trees. On the beach are some strange palm trees with no tops. You can find intact shells and huge sharks teeth. A guard house, built in 1911, is fun to check out.
There is a fort that was built to mount two rifles. The guns were mounted on a disappearing carriage that was dropped down for reloading, and then raised up above the wall again by way of a weight. The fort was named after Major Guy Howard who was killed in action in the Phillippine Islands in 1899.
Many tortoises call this island home and you will see them as you walk the trails around the island.
You can also take the Tampa Bay Ferry to Egmont Key, and Island Boat Adventures offers shelling trips here too.

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Looking to the left from the pier.

The mucky beach beside Fort DeSoto Fishing Pier.

Hubbard's Ferry leaves from the pier.

Bird on the pier.

Looking out toward Sunshine Skyway Bridge from Fort DeSoto Pier.

People fishing on the pier.

A bird enjoys the view!

A side area of the pier.

The Sunshine Skyway Bridge is a beauty.

Palm trees lines the road in Fort DeSoto Park.


Fort DeSoto Fishing Pier is located at Anderson Blvd, St. Petersburg, FL 33715. Parking is free. There are some small road tolls to get here. Entrance to Fort DeSoto Park by car costs $5.


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