Glazer Children's Museum, Tampa

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Tampa, FL
Glazer Children's Museum, Tampa
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Glazer Children's Museum is a super place to go with kids! There is so much for them to explore in this pleasant, light-filled space. Parents will also enjoy the fantastic views of downtown Tampa from the huge windows. Kids can pretend to shop and work the cash register at Publix. They can bake a pizza and serve it to parents. They can slide down a pole in the fire station to get to the fire engine. Or take care of animals in the vet clinic. 

Kids can make creations out of magnetic triangles or lincoln logs. They can launch a paper airplane through some hoops. Or look up at a giant kaleidoscope. They can move sand causing it to change color (from a projector) based on how high the mountain of sand becomes. This creates a blue sea and yellow mountains, with little crabs climbing up the hills, and fish swimming in the sea. 
To get some energy out, kids can climb the tall rope climbey area, all the way to the roof! They can play ball, rock climb, and balance on an obstable course.
Downstairs, they can play with water in a waist-high water station, and enjoy the music station. There is also a dance station on the second floor where they can rock out to different styles of music.
It's fun to walk outside after, in Curtis Hixon Park, and check out the beautiful Hillsborough River. Kids can run free down the little hills. At night this area is lit up beautifully with multi-colored changing lights. Have a refreshment in the Tampa Museum of Art Cafe with views of the minarets across the river and then go for a walk along the Tampa Riverwalk which is right here!

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Fountain outside the museum.

Mosaic tiles on the exterior wall.

Mosaic outside the museum.

Big windows.

Pretend you're shopping at Publix!

Sandwich station at Publix.

The publix where you can pretend to work the register.

Vet clinic- is the snake sick?

Vet clinic.

Pizza oven.

Make pizza and then serve it to your parents!

Pizza making station.

Cute pizza oven.

Scoop some icecream of your favorite flavor!

Inside the museum.

Learn about artists.

Dance station- choose which style of music and watch yourself dance.


Make handprints in the pins.

Fire truck and station.

Fire station.

Cow you can milk.

Nice views out the window.

Chickens to care for!

Lego on a wall.

Shoot your paper airplane.

I love these magnetic building shapes.

Can you run as fast as these four animals?

Obstacle course and climbing wall.

Lincoln log station.

Rope climbey area.

Alligator waiting under the rope climbey step!!

Looking down at the water play tables.

Looking down at the music making area.

Mosaic swirl.

The museum, in Curtis Hixon Park.


Glazer Children's Museum is located at 110 W Gasparilla Plaza, Tampa, FL 33602.
There is a large parking structure called William Poe Parking Garage next to the museum, accessible from Ashley Drive. Parking is $2.50 for two hours.
Admission to the museum is $10 for kids aged 1-12, and $15 for adults (this always surprises me). 
Hours are Mon-Fri 10-5, Sat 10-6, and Sun 1-6.


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