Hollis Garden and Lake Mirror Walk, Lakeland

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Tampa, FL
Hollis Garden and Lake Mirror Walk, Lakeland
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From downtown Lakeland, you can take a walk around Lake Mirror. It is recessed- probably having been a mine pit. You walk down the steep path and then you're at the lake promenade. Beside you are water lilies galore, and along the path are benches and tropical trees. 

Absolutely don't miss Hollis Garden (closed Mondays), a beautiful garden planted on one of the slopes. There are plenty of little area partitioned off by hedges. Each section is lovely and unique. There are tropical flowers set against the blue sky, and tropical trees with the blue lake behind. What's even nicer is that there is classical music playing on speakers. It's very reviving! There are also fountains and sculptures.
Just slightly behind the garden is Garden Bistro, a little cafe which looks out on a lawn and the lake. And behind it is Barnett Family Park, a playground with tons for kids to do. 
After, check out the hip coffee shops and cafes filled with professional people in the downtown area.

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Bird sculpture at the top of Lake Mirror Park, near downtown Lakeland.

Lampposts leading down to the lake walkway.

Lily pads in the lake.

Lilypads and pleasant promenade.

The wide promenade.

Anhinga bird drying its wings.

Swan fence in Hollis Garden.

View of the lake from Hollis Garden.

Hedge row, and corn stalks.

Snowy egret near the bamboo.

Hanging basket, bamboo, and palm tree.

Potted pandanas, bamboo, and lake view.

Lawn with cabbage around the edge.

Benches, fence, and lake.

White hibiscus at Hollis Garden.

Hedges catching the light in Hollis Garden.

Hedge and corn stalks.

Cute little area with greenest lawn.

Hedges and palms.

Potted flowers and willow tree.

Pagoda and flowers.

A little quiet corner with a pond and lush plants.

Fountain with lake in the distance.

Flowers galore!

Pagoda and blue lake.

Pretty fountain with clear water.

Colorful sculpture and palm trees.

Red flowering tree and blue sky.

This plant looks perfect in this pot!

Breadfruit trees.


Bright flower!

Yellow flowers!

A bee checks out an orange flower.

I love all the tropical plants!

Knotted sculpture.

Papaya and orange red hibiscus!

Orange, red, and pink hibiscus! Wow!!

Yellow hibiscus, palms, and blue sky!

Palm fronds and the walkway in the distance.

Couple going for a stroll.

Yellow roses behind Garden Bistro.

Old tree and clock.

Perfect sky, clock, and magnolia tree, by a stretch of lawn along the Lake Mirror Walk.

Side entrance into Hollis Garden, with lots of tropical plants!

Rings of flowers around trees, in Hollis Garden.

Beautiful Saturday morning at Lake Mirror.

Ducks and turtles on the lake.

Birds galore at Lake Mirror.

Birds gather under a tree.

Ibis bird on the shore.

Colorful statue.

Flowering cactus.

Red and silvery flowers in a pattern.


Little flowers like sun umbrellas.

Pagoda on a sunny day.

Wonderful flowers around a tree, in March.

Huge leafy greens growing along a hedge! In March.

Sculpture and white flowers behind.

Lovely vegetables and grasses.

Turnip growing in March.

Wooden planter filled with vegetables.

Kale, and the lake behind.

Planter full of vegetables, and greenest lawn.

Festive colors around a tree, and lake behind.

Spring flowers and palm tree.

Flower pots outside Garden Bistro.

Bluish vegetable planter outside Garden Bistro.

Thin palms and Spanish moss.

Colorful sculpture and bright hedge.

Amazing bright plants!!

Sculpture with orange glass.

Pretty palms.

Papaya tree!

Amazing colors and the lake behind.

I love these plants!

Pandanas tree with fruit.

Wavey colors.

Roses with yellow and pink combined.

Roses with canary palms in the background.

Roses and lake walkway.

Sculpture and two women walking.

Ornate lampposts and sculpture.

Palms galore along the walkway.

Bird at the edge of the lake.

Walkway beside Main Street.

Bench on the north side of the lake.

Butterfly sculpture.

Looking toward the fountain in the middle of the lake.

High wall.

Loggia on the lake.

Expansive lake view near the loggia.

So many beautiful colors. Palms, red plants, and blue sky.

Interesting tropical plant.

Flowers, palms, and blue sky.

Barnett Family Park entrance.

Swings and a circle to climb through.

Spinning space net at Barnett Family Park.

Disc swings and two space nets at the playground at Barnett Family Park.

The inviting playground.

A plaque by the playground: Kid, you'll move mountains! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So...get on your way! Dr. Suess.

Ball of white impatiens and fountain.

These colors are wonderful.

Ferns on a palm, and puffy plants.

Burst of color, swan sculptures, and lake behind.

White hibiscus with red centers.

The bright gorgeous colors of sky and plants.

These tropical plants have a lovely shape.


Hollis Garden is located at 702 E Orange St, Lakeland, FL 33801. The closest parking lot to Hollis Garden is this address and appears to have free parking. 
Hollis Garden is closed on Mondays. It is open 10-4 Friday and Saturday, and 10-6 on Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. 
You could also park near downtown and walk the slope down to the lake promenade. Parking is $1 an hour in the Cedar Street garage and Main Street garage. You can park along most streets for free for two hours. To park along the street for more than two hours, you need to download the ParkMobile App and pay $1 per hour.


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