Memphis Botanical Garden

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Memphis Botanical Garden
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It's pleasant to walk around the large grounds of Memphis Botanical Garden and take in the tall, lush trees and occasional flowers. The Japanese garden has a red bridge over a lake full of koi, turtles, and ducks. A formal garden with bright flowers, the Iris Garden has a sculpture in the middle and a row of pruned trees that leads to it. The Butterfly Garden is full of flowers and in the pond nearby you can see lotus flowers in the summer.

Where Memphis Botanical Garden really excels is in its children's garden called My Big Backyard. Here kids can play happily for hours, running from house to house making up games. Amongst the adorable houses is a fairy queen chair adorned with a mushroom. There are a few objects to play with in the houses, such as pretend eggs. A waterplay area consists of a stream lined with rocks to climb. Giant "wormholes" complete with huge worms poised to enter are dug into the grassy hills, and kids love to crawl through. Stepping stones in the grass provide a spot to leap. There is a treehouse-style play area with twisty slide. Comfy bench swings are placed strategically throughout the garden.
Near the lobby is a garden with fountain, and a formal garden with modern geometric sculptures. You can eat lunch at the cafe though the choices are mostly gourmet sandwiches.
Another place kids love to play is Shelby Farms playground (12 minutes east), though it's best in winter as it gets very hot in summer.
While in Memphis, make sure you take a tour of Sun Studio (18 minutes west)- the best thing you'll do in Memphis.

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Kids climbing rocks and playing in the water.

One of the adorable houses where kids can play.

Swing for kids, with fairy mushrooms in foreground.

Would you like to be Queen of the Fairies?

Adorable fairy house in the children's garden.

House where kids can find little objects to share.

Another cute house.

Giant "worms" on a hill.

Girls playing in a stick house.

Giant worm holes in the hill.

Stepping stones!

Giant worm and worm hole in the children's garden.

Shady pathway.

The entrance to the botanical garden.

Flowers at the entrance.


Cute row of trees.

Curly leaves.

It's beautiful to walk around the gardens.

Dappled shade on the path.

Red bridge in the Asian garden.

The Asian garden.

Koi and ducks in the lake in the Asian garden.

A couple strolls through the garden on a Saturday.

Winding path up a hill.

Pavilion with jade sculpture in the Asian garden.

Flower in the butterfly garden.

Lotus flowers.

Lotus bud closeup.

A child sits on the path.

Bench amid many shades of green.


Flowers and gazebo.

Tree with vines, flowers, and wooden structure.

Entrance to the Iris Garden.

Flower catching the light.

Formal garden near the cafe.


Memphis Botanic Garden is located at 750 Cherry Rd, Memphis TN 38117, call (901) 636-4100.
Open daily 9-6, during winter 9-4:30. Closed on Jan 1, Thanksgiving (fourth Thurs in Nov), and Dec 25.
Admission is $8 for adults, $6.50 for seniors aged 62 and up, $5 for children aged 2-12.


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