Shelby Farms Park, Memphis

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Shelby Farms Park, Memphis
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Shelby Farms Park is a huge imaginative playground with four separate areas. It has the problem that it's hot and windstill so come in seasons other than summer. Tunnel areas newly grown with vines wind around the playgrounds. There are some shady spots but a lot of the play areas are in full sun.

The first play area is popular with toddlers and features water and mud play, sand play, metal slides, and rocks to climb. There is a tree under which parents can sit for some shade.
The second play area is like a pit with four metal slides leading down into it. Kids can climb the sides of the pit while holding onto ropes, or climb up on rock climbing holds. A ramp leads down to the bottom of the pit.
The third play area features swings galore, including a large round swing that you can leisurely lay on. There are small disc swings on bouncy cords, and baby swings.
The last playground is a rope playground built around two wooden forts. One of the forts is secured onto the base of a huge tree. This play area is wildly fun.
Also fun for kids is the My Big Backyard area of Memphis Botanical Garden, with adorable houses that kids can run back and forth between.

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The slides and rope climb pit- the second play area.

Rock-climbing holds and rope with handles in the pit area.

Metal slides in the pit area.

Area with all different kinds of swings.

Boing-y disc swings.

Huge space net playground.

A boy climbs up one of the space nets.

A wooden fort.

Space net around a tree. Very cool!


Shelby Farms Park is located at 500 N. Pine Lake Drive, Memphis TN 38134. Once you enter, drive by car through the park following the signs to the playground. There is plenty of free parking.


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