Anuenue Playground, Waimea Park

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The Big Island, HI
Anuenue Playground, Waimea Park
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Anuenue Playground in Waimea Park, in the town of Waimea (also called Kamuela town), has everything a kid could want! It is a colorful painted castle-style playground made of plastic that looks like wood. There's a pyramid spinning space net, plus a geometric space net, plus four swings and a disc swing. Kids love the finger maze, gymnastics bars to hang on, monkey bars, rope climbey, tight rope, rope ladder, stepping stones, rope bridge, twisty ladder, and solo spinner.

For little kids, there's a blue tunnel to climb through, a turtle that sways back and forth, a circle to turn with balls inside, and a dragon sculpture to stand on. The playground is fenced in which makes it safe. The views of the misty green Waimea hills are just gorgeous, and there's plenty of benches for parents to sit on. What a joy!
After, walk around Waimea Park and enjoy its green, green lawns, picnic tables, and trees. There's a sports field with bleachers as well.
There are restrooms.
Across the street, notice the attractive Hawaiian Plantation Style architecture of Parker School with its large patios and red-brown exterior with white outlines. It is an elite preparatory school.
Waimea, or Kamuela (as its also named, after Samuel Parker), has a strange micro-climate. Twenty minutes away at the Kohala coast there is dry vegetation and lava, and endlessly sunny beaches. But just up the hill, at Waimea, it is almost always raining, misting, foggy, or cloudy, and ten degrees cooler! You can have two totally different days in the span of one hour.
Check out the adorable churches in Waimea and then have a meal at Big Island Brewhaus!

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Picnic table and green, green grass.

Greenest mountain.

Running around the wooden playground.

Cute wooden playground.

The green mountains behind the playground.

Green galore!

Spinner and climbey.

Tall tower and rope bridge.

Disc swing.

The playground is so pretty.

Bench for parents, and swings.

Kids enjoying the spinner.

Bouncy bridge for little ones.

Green tower and red slides.

Dragon sculpture.

Colorful toddler area.

Fun things to explore.

I love the paintings on the playground.

Lots of towers and bridges.

Always the view of the green mountains inspires you.

The spinner area is a favorite.

Lovely castle playground and mountains behind.

I love how the green of the playground matches the mountains.

Red hibiscus.

Swings with castle playground behind.


Waimea Park is located at 65 Lindsey Rd, Waimea HI, across from Parker School.
There is parking along the road.


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