Boiling Pots Lookout, Hilo

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The Big Island, HI
Boiling Pots Lookout, Hilo
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After seeing Rainbow Falls, it's also nice to drive five more minutes to Boiling Pots Lookout. Here you can see Pe'epe'e waterfall in the distance partially blocked by a tall rocky island. Closer up you see a river roaring over rocks, plus tropical vegetation. The turbulent water appears to be boiling in pot-shaped holes, hence the name Boiling Pots. The pot-shaped holes formed in a lava flow that filled the old river channel.

At the entrance to the lookout, there's a lawn with short palm trees and flowers.
Rainbow Falls and Boiling Pots lookouts are in a nice neighborhood. It feels good to get up in the hills above Hilo town and away from the ugly downtown area.
Don't swim in this area because people have been sucked into a lava tube and drowned.
While up this way, run up the hill at University Heights Park, climb down into Kaumana Caves Lava Tube, or do the short yet difficult Wai'ale Falls Hike.

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Yellow hibiscus.

Picnic table.

Variety of palms.

Tropical plants by the lookout.

The boiling pots.

Park you walk through to get to the lookout.

Red flowers by the stream.

Red bird!


Boiling Pots Lookout is located 5 minutes drive west of Rainbow Falls, at 1766 Wailuku Dr, Hilo HI 96720. There is a parking lot.


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