Kaumana Caves Lava Tube, Hilo

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The Big Island, HI
Kaumana Caves Lava Tube, Hilo
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Kaumana Caves State Park is a lava tube in the middle of a neighborhood! Here you climb down a short steep staircase to an area of lush, wet foliage. You are immediately at the lava tube, where vines hang down, and everything looks mysterious. Bring a flashlight if you want to walk deeper into the cave, which goes for two miles, but gets narrower and more difficult after a short way. The rocks are slippery so wear shoes with good grip. The most important thing you need to bring is mosquito spray, and spray it liberally! Wear long pants and long sleeves. Seriously, you will be eaten alive at this spot! The itchy bites made the last days of my vacation and the return flight very uncomfortable. At the stopover in Denver, the airplane runway was cold and the bites started going crazy- not fun!

It is a ten minute drive from Hilo town to the caves. While up this way, run up the hill at University Heights Park. Other places in the neighborhood are: Wai'ale Falls HikeRainbow Falls and next to it, Boiling Pots Lookout.
A very lush and beautiful place to visit in Hilo is Lilioukalani Gardens, my favorite.

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Looking up at the vines.

The velvety goo of the lava that formed into rock.

Climbing down the stairs into the lava cave area.

The cave, as seen from above, with variegated leaves in the foreground.

Huge tree above the cave!

Visitors stepping down rocks to get into the cave.

The melty lava rock formations in the cave.

Mossy rocks and ferns.

Fern-covered wall and mossy rocks.

Visitors leaving the cave.

Giant tropical leaves above.


Kaumana Caves State Park is located at 1492 Kaumana Dr, Hilo, HI 96720. There is a parking lot across the street from the caves. It is a ten minute drive from Hilo town to the caves. Entrance and parking are free.


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