Pahoa town and surrounds

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The Big Island, HI
Pahoa town and surrounds
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Pahoa is a tiny town favored by crystal-lovers, dreamers, and alternative farmers. Instead of being a tourist, you can check out local culture at the Pahoa Farmer's market, also called Maku'u Farmer's Market, on Sunday mornings. When we went it was pouring buckets of rain, as it usually does on the Hilo side of the island. There were stalls displaying crystals, beaded jewelry, unusual knickknacks, and my favorite: exotic tropical fruits. We bought a pound of lychees for only two dollars, and then drove along in glee peeling and delighting in each one.

 Also, check out Pahoa Lava Zone Museum, to learn more about the amazing 2018 lava flow (open daily 11-5). There are many cafes (such as Ning's Thai), coffee shops, and an organic market near the museum.
Check out the lush forest and giant monkeypod trees at Lava Tree State Park.
Visit Star of the Sea Catholic Church (16 minutes drive south of Pahoa), a sweet little painted church built in 1930 and moved out of the way of a lava flow in the past, at 12-4815 Pahoa-­Kalapana Road.
For a huge party, go on Wednesday nights at 5pm to Uncle Robert's Awa Bar (18 mins drive south of Pahoa) at 12-5038 Kapoho Beach Rd, Pāhoa (closed Fridays). For acai bowls, check out Kalapana Smoothie Shack next door. These are both rustic spots.
We were told that many locals from the farmer's market head out all the way to Kehena Black Sand Beach (23 minutes drive south and then east) in the afternoon on Sunday and play in a drum circle that hypnotically continues until dark. Visit this beach any day of the week for a lovely spot.

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Maku'u Farmer's Market is located on the left side of Hwy 130 as you head south from Kea'au to Pahoa. It's before you get to Pahoa.
Open Sunday mornings, 8am-2pm. Parking costs $2.


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Thu, 15 Oct 2009

Due to the rain, Pahoa is not as good for swimming and being outdoors as other areas on the Big Island; however, the island atmosphere make this area a true pocket of paradise!

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Fri, 23 Oct 2009

this market is our favorite!

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