Onomea Bay Trail, Four Mile Scenic Route

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The Big Island, HI
Onomea Bay Trail, Four Mile Scenic Route
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If you love to be high above the ocean, you will love Onomea Bay Trail! It starts with a magical drive on the Four Mile Scenic Route. About halfway along the scenic route is the trail. It's fairly short depending on how much it has rained and whether streams are blocking you from going further. A few minutes in, take the little path to the right to check out a beach with huge pebbles that make wonderful sounds when the waves drag them back. Be careful of big waves. The path is tricky in spots so keep you eye on your feet- there are big steps or holes out of the blue. Use some bug spray before walking because this is a very lush area! Enjoy the gorgeous tropical vegetation and views of the beautiful headland and bay. 

This hike is on the Hamakua Coast, and there are many other amazing things you can do nearby- click on the link to find out more.
The Hawaii Tropical Bioreserve & Garden is right here too but is expensive ($25 per adult), which is sad because people miss out on seeing the beautiful flowers and mossy palm groves! It must take a lot of work to maintain this botanical garden in the middle of a wild jungle, so the price is reasonable. It has a paved trail, if you prefer that, and gorgeous trees. If you're not that into flowers and a variety of tropical plants, and don't mind the muddy trail and stream crossing, the Onomea Bay Trail hike will save you a lot of money and give you the same crashing ocean views and plenty of beautiful trees on the drive in. 
You will be needing a cool refreshment after this hike, so stop at What's Shakin', four minutes past Onomea Bay Trail. You can buy a chilled coconut ($6), a papaya to cut yourself and eat with a spoon (only $1.50), sandwiches, or a smoothie ($8). They also sell some great kids books and souvenirs. Sit under a canopy at their picnic tables and take a break. Two minutes after What's Shakin' is Low Store, which has shave ice and plate lunches. Soon after this, the scenic route connects back up with Highway 19 and you can drive it along the amazing Hamakua Coast.

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This is tropical!

I love these amazing thick clusters of palm trees.

Stream with thick clusters of palm trees on left side.

Boulder in a stream.

Glossy plant.

Pandanus on the cliff.

View of coastline.

Sweet tropical plants on the cliff over the ocean.

Looking up at tropical trees.

Purple wildflower.

Walking into a tropical wonderland.

The trail.

Gorgeous bent palm.

I love these orange flowers on the ground!

Red flower in a tree.

Another red flower.

Coconut tree growing on the side of a cliff.

Waves crashing in.

The stream that sometimes blocks the path.

Purple flowers.

The incredibly tropical look!

Purple flowers growing wild.

Purple and pale pink flowers like little berries.

View of the gorgeous coastline, plus yellow flowers.

Picnic tables at What's Shakin'.

View from the picnic tables at What's Shakin'.

Tables on the balcony at What's Shakin'.

Anthurium in a pot at What's Shakin'.

Farmland across the street from What's Shakin'.


Onomea Bay Trail is located at 27-547 Mamalahoa Hwy, Papaikou, HI 96781. There is parking along the road.
From Highway 19, follow the sign that says "Scenic Route- Four Miles."
There is no cell phone reception on the Hamakua Coast, so print out directions before you leave!


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