Baanrakkertje Playground, Heerlen

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The Netherlands
Baanrakkertje Playground, Heerlen
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Baanrakkertje is a magical outdoor playground with so many fun areas for kids to explore. It is on a huge grassy lawn, with some benches and shady trees for the parents. There are two large colorful trampolines built into a hill. Plenty of bouncies are built into the grass- a sheep one, a cow, a little whale, a car that seats many kids, and a seesaw that seats four. There is a small slide that looks like a bulldozer. Kids have a blast at the long, elaborate go-kart area with tires for barriers. A sandpit full of trucks is a fun spot.

There is a grassy hill with a tunnel slide at the top. And another hill with a silver metal slide going down. A small playground on a sandy floor has rope ladder, two rock climbing mini-walls, monkey bars, crisscross stretchy climbers, and an acrobat bar to do flips on.
Under the shade of a tree is a merry-go-round spinner, and two traditional seesaws. There are plenty of swings, nice flat ones that don't hurt your bottom! Some even have backrests. There's an awesome disc swing on a stretchy cord- a long cable ride down the hill. Another interesting swing has stretchy cords coming out diagonally on both sides. There are two sand pits with diggers in them.
Under a tree are two little wooden playhouses. There is also a little firetruck to climb inside. A small round trampoline built into the ground is super fun. A huge pyramid-shaped seesaw goes not only up and down but also spins around.
A giant swing like a hammock for many kids is above a sandy floor under a tall tree. They have thought of everything here!
This playground is located in a lovely residential area next to a beautiful forest where a little stream runs through and butterflies flitter in the light. The forest has a stroller-friendly path going through it.
Grab a meal at Heerlen City Center.
Another beautiful spot in the countryside is Terworm Castle, a great place to walk around, which is now an upscale restaurant, hotel, and cafe/bar. Kids like to ride the colorful elephant statue in the gardens.

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Two trampolines on a hill.

Bouncies, and a nice winter tree.

Parents hanging out under a shade canopy.

Cow bouncy, and tunnel slide in the distance.

Silver slide going down the hill.

Play structure with rope ladder, monkey bars, and two rock climbing mini-walls.

There is lovely shade and green green grass!

Seesaws in the shade.

Swings with backrests.

Swings over the sand.

Long go-kart area with tires as barriers.

Huge hammock-style swing.

Girls enjoying the round trampoline.

Baby swings.

The pyramid-style seesaw that spins around.

Merry-go-round spinner and bulldozer slide.

Colorful trampolines!

Two playhouses.

Interesting swing with stretchy cord on both sides.

Having fun riding go-karts

Two sand pits with diggers, and a small climbing structure.

The acrobat bar!

What a magical place!


Baanrakkertje Playground is located at Tarwehof 49, 6418 KN Heerlen, Netherlands.
Entry costs 1.20 euros per child.
There is parking along the road.
No dogs allowed.
From easter holiday to end of summer, hours are: Mon, Tues, Thurs 2:30-5; Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun 1-5.
From end of summer to autumn, hours are: Tues, Thurs 2:30-5; Wed, Fri, Sat 1-5. Closed on Monday and Sunday.
On certain school holidays it is open 1-5.
Closed during winter.
Check hours here.


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