Keukenhof Gardens, Lisse

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The Netherlands
Keukenhof Gardens, Lisse
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Keukenhof Gardens are incredible! Here, in the spring, they are full with colorful blooms carefully planned to awe you more with each step! Each year varies depending on the weather, but the first week of May is usually a good bet for seeing the tulips (check recent reviews on tripadvisor to plan whether it's time to visit).

The gardens are large, and the flowerbeds are full of variety! There are robust tulips of all colors and stripes, delicate crocuses, fluffy hyacinths, and daffodils catching the light. What fun to see what you'll discover next!
There are also pavilions filled with indoor flowers like orchids, though I didn't really like the pavilions as much. The loveliest area is beside the lake where there are flowerbeds nestled amongst the talls trees, as well as flowering trees reflecting in the water. What a paradise of sights and smells!
Come a little before the gardens open so that you can walk around in peace for at least the first hour. By midday it becomes too crowded and you'll want to go home.
There is a large shady children's playground that is unique and a lot of fun, with a long zipline, a wooden tower, a rope climbey, and a wooden playhouse, plus a Nijntje toddler playground.
Kids also love to buy a souvenir such as a wooden tulip which they can then perform "magic" with all along the way. Another good idea is to buy your child a camera before the visit so they can take pictures of the flower beds.
There are plenty of food stands in the gardens where you can buy snacks.
If you are in Holland in late April or early May, don't miss the chance to see Keukenhof!
April 18, 2017 update: The flowers are wonderful right now and the next 2-3 weeks are the best time to go see them!

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A tulip wonderland!

Fields of tulips, the first day of May.

Multi-colored flowers.

Red, pink, and yellow flowers, with windmill behind.

Tulips are so lovely!

Flowers by the water.

These tulips have an interesting design.

A glorious section on the hill, in the Wilhelmina area.

Sunny day at Keukenhof.

White tulips under a large tree.

Looking down past flowerbeds to the lake.

Taking photos among the flowers!

Amazing, full tulips!

Orange tulips!

White flowers offset by a blue bed beneath.

Orchids in a pavilion.

Blue orchids in the pavilion.

Peaceful spot in the gardens.

Pale pink and dark pink tulips.


A bright mix of flowers, purple, blue, and white.

Pink, white, and purple hyacinths.

An attractive mix of yellow, blue, red, and white flowers.

The little stream that winds through the gardens adds beauty.

Pink flowering tree, by the stream.

A table overlooking the tulip fields.

Pretty displays of tulips.

The zipline, a lot of fun for kids!

Rope climbey at the playground.

Wooden playhouse.

Nijntje playground for the little ones.

Wooden tower at the playground.

Rows of tulips.

Tulips with pale green leaves.

Tulips with an unusual design.

Peacock at the animal area.

Bright red tulips.


Keukenhof is located at Stationsweg 166A, 2161 AM Lisse, Netherlands. Buy tickets online ahead of time to avoid standing in line. You pay for your parking or bus at the same time that you buy tickets. Come early in the day!
Open March 23 to May 21, 2017.
Tickets cost $16 for adults, $9 for children, and $6 for parking.


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