Plaats, Noordeinde, Lange Voorhout, The Hague

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The Netherlands
Plaats, Noordeinde, Lange Voorhout, The Hague
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The Hague is full of pedestrian-only shopping streets and squares filled with open-air cafes. It is lovely to walk around on a sunny day and take in the scene! Across from Hofvijver Pond and Binnenhof is Plaats, a triangular square with a colorful look. It is packed with people enjoying the outdoors on a warm day. From Plaats, walk along Noordeinde, or any of the pedestrian-only streets, and see the expensive stores where the elite do their shopping. To the northeast you will come to Lange Voorhout, a street lined with bright green trees and filled with consulates from around the world. It makes for a nice stroll. It is easy to walk to all these places from Den Haag Centraal (central station).
An eleven minute drive from The Hague is Scheveningen Beach, Pier, and Boardwalk, a popular beach with large pier, wide boardwalk, aquarium, grand 1880s hotel, cafes, and summertime cafes that pop up right by the sand.

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Happy people fill the square at Plaats.

It's easy to see what the preferred method of transportation is in Holland!

King's crowns strung along Noordeinde.

Upscale shopping on Noordeinde.

Pretty architecture and king's crowns.

Adorable architecture on a pedestrian-only street.

The bright green springtime leaves in Lange Voorhout.

It's nice to stroll along Lange Voorhout.

Attractive buildings line Lange Voorhout.

The yellow Hotel Des Indes, on Lange Voorhout.

The Escher Museum, in a former palace on Lange Voorhout.

Winter trees and spring trees, on Lange Voorhout.

Views of amazing modern architecture, near Den Haag Centraal (central station).

Black and white stripe theme outside Den Haag Centraal (central station).

The geometric ceiling inside Den Haag Centraal.


You can use this address in your GPS to find Plaats: Plaats 31, 2513 AD Den Haag, Netherlands.
It is easy to walk to Plaats from the central railway station.


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