Kiddie Beach Park, Channel Islands Harbor

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Ventura, CA
Kiddie Beach Park, Channel Islands Harbor
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Kiddie Beach Park is a pretty, peaceful spot. It's a cove of sand near the entrance to Channel Islands Harbor. A boardwalk with benches runs along it and takes you to Silver Strand Beach. It's a fun, happy scene. Kids can watch the sailboats enter and leave the harbor from here. This strip of sand might be slightly misnamed because it's probably too dirty for kids to swim in the water here even though it's nice and calm. Being in the harbor probably makes it polluted. But the view is pleasant here and it's a great place to walk. Dog owners let fido have a little splash.
For a toddler playground with lovely harbor views, check out Peninsula Park. For a huge pirate playground great for older kids too, check out Oxnard Beach and Pirate Playground. Also fun to check out is the maritime museum in the complex on the corner of Channel Islands Blvd and Victoria Ave.

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The boardwalk with benches.

Looking out at the harbor.

Boardwalk beside Kiddie Beach Park.

Dogs take a dip.

A kayaker heads out to the ocean.

You can see both sides of the harbor.

Pelican buddy.


Exit Highway 101 southbound at Seaward Avenue and turn left on Harbor Blvd. Follow it for almost seven miles, past the power plant and agricultural fields. At the big intersection, make a slight left up the hill onto Channel Islands Blvd. Turn right on Victoria Avenue. You will pass three streets on the right and then the parking lot will be on the right.
Exit Highway 101 northbound at Seaward Avenue and turn left on Seaward Ave. Turn left on Harbor Blvd and then follow the directions above. This is the scenic route.
For a faster route, follow these directions:
Exit Highway 101 at Victoria Avenue and turn toward the ocean. Follow Victoria Avenue for over 5 miles (this is an ugly drive). Once you cross Channel Islands Blvd there will be three streets on your right and then the parking lot will be on your right.


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Thu, 15 Mar 2012

Is kiddie beach a city parking lot or county??

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Sun, 17 Feb 2019

I wanted to know if i can set a date, me and my husband got engaged about 6 years ago and got married through court. but i really love the beach and we got engaged there and it's always been a dream of mine to get married were you got engaged right.

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