Mussel Shoals

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Ventura, CA
Mussel Shoals
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Mussel Shoals is a tiny little town, and when you stop and drive its three or so streets, people stare at you, as if to say, "What are YOU doing here?" The little fake oil company "island" is reached via a pier that starts here! Kids love to see this island from car rides on the freeway, so why not stop and give them a closer view?

There is a fairly nice beach at the base of the pier where you can stroll along and gather driftwood.
You can eat with gorgeous oceanfront views at the Shoals Restaurant in the Cliff House Inn. The prices are decent at breakfast and lunchtime. At dinner it's more expensive but way worth it! It feels like you're in Hawaii as you sit at the outdoor tables, your toes on the grass and you look out at the surfers catching the pier swells. Palm trees sway, sea breezes caress your skin...aaah, this is the life! Because of the way the land is at an angle to the waves, you can see the surfers catch their rides from the side, just like at the Turtle Bay Hilton on Oahu. Linger around the pool after dinner and watch the sun set and the moon rise over the water. We were thrilled to see dolphins literally surfing the waves here, their whole bodies visible and close-up! What a rare treat!

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The beach at Mussel Shoals.

Beachhouses at Mussel Shoals.

Pool and restaurant at Cliff House Inn and Shoals Restaurant.

Oceanfront tables at Shoals Restaurant.

Coconut palm and banana tree at Shoals Restaurant.

"Island" view at Shoals Restaurant.

Pier swells at Mussel Shoals, as seen from Shoals Restaurant.

Stay after dinner and see this view!

Shoals Restaurant at night looks like Hawaii- though it's a whole lot colder...

I love the cliffs along Highway 101 south of Mussel Shoals!

Popular surf spot, south of Mussel Shoals, on the Pacific Coast Highway, along a stretch of rock wall with not much sand.

Dinner at Mussel Shoals- very pleasant, I have to say!


The town of La Conchita, sits hazardously below a steep mountain with rock slides- across the highway from Mussel Shoals.


Exit Highway 101 at Mussel Shoals, south of Carpinteria. There is no off-ramp or on-ramp, and you basically take your life in your hands every time to pull this maneuver!
Click "satellite" to see the little island with pier.


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Wed, 07 Jul 2010

home sweet home!

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Sat, 20 Mar 2010

Saw dolphins bodysurfing huge waves- so beautiful

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Angelica D

Fri, 06 Nov 2009


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Fri, 06 Nov 2009

love it!

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