Soule Park, Ojai

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Ventura, CA
Soule Park, Ojai
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Soule Park is a delight! The lovely forested mountains are very close by and set a gorgeous backdrop. Shady lush lawns stretch out before you. The playground is an old, interesting playground with metal climbing structures that inspire kids to fun imaginative play. There is a tall rocket ship with several platforms, and a planet with a ring around it. There are many swings for kids and babies. Great place to spend the afternoon climbing, swinging, and playing ball!

While you're in Ojai, take a peaceful drive through the orange groves, or take in the great vista at Ojai Valley Lookout. Let your kids examine a plaque with mountain ranges and their heights at Cluff Vista Park, and then grab an icecream in Ojai Town.
The prettiest spot in the whole of Ojai is Ojai Valley Inn which you must take a stroll around while you are in the area!

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A huge archway filled with swings, and a second one with baby swings.

Shaded play equipment.

The distant mountains to the north.

The unidentifiable play structure!

Kids playing on the equipment and making up fun games!

All three cool space structures!

A pavilion, and the amazing close-by forested mountains to the south.


From Ojai town, follow Highway 150 (Ojai Avenue) to the east. Follow the signs to Soule Park (not the golf course). You will turn right on Boardman Rd, though there is no street sign. Then you will turn right into the park. The best way to find it is to follow the "Soule Park" signs.
Entrance fee is on the honor system and costs $2 during the week, and $4 on weekends.
There are restrooms, though they are occasionally locked.


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Thu, 12 Aug 2021

The "unidentifiable" playground structure is a submarine. :)

Man these brought me back years, these playground structures used to be quite ubiquitous.

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Jen Carole

Mon, 12 Apr 2010

I grew up in Santa Paula and Ventura and we used to BEG to go to this park. It was the bomb (and that was in 1968!). I am so happy to see the rocket still there (and the sub) and to know kids are still enjoying it! Awesome.

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Fri, 06 Nov 2009

just thinking about fall in Ojai...nothing in the world beats the crisp air and sunshine...

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