Surfer's Point (C Street Surfbreak)

Ventura, CA

It's rare to be able to sit at the beach in the shade in California. And it's rare to be able to sit at the beach and watch surfers ride the waves close up! At Surfer's Point you can do both! Planters filled with palms line the promenade providing shady spots where you can sit in the sand. Your young children can play happily with their buckets and shovels while you watch the perfect waves roll in. On weekends Surfer's Point is buzzing with action. Rollerbladers, bike riders, and surreys filled with tourists all zoom past. Old surfer dudes sit in the shade by the oasis of palms in Promenade Park or stand beside their cars checking out the scene. Young surfer dudes peel across the water just meters from shore.
During winter swells there is a sand and cobblestone break called "Pipes." Another break, which appears in summer when the surf is not as high, is California Street or C Street, the inside break, which is popular with longboarders. There is a small park here, Promenade Park, with restrooms and showers.
Bring a jacket because the wind off the ocean can be very cold much of the year. The best weather is usually in late summer and in fall.
Walk to the east along the promenade and you will come to Ventura Pier, a great little place to have a delicious seafood meal. It also has a large modern playground in the sand!
Walk under the freeway and north on Figueroa Street and you'll come to Downtown Ventura where you can grab a delicious meal and walk around enjoying the happy atmosphere on Main Street or check out beautiful Plaza Park with its huge old trees.

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A surfer makes his way over the large pebbles to the water near the point.

Good surf on an August day at C Street Surfbreak.

The west end of the beach, near the point, where the beach is entirely made up of large pebbles.

Bike riders coast by on the bike path that goes for miles.


A colorful surrey goes by, providing something for your toddler to look at!

Sign displaying "Surfers Code: Give respect to gain respect."

The wonderful promenade beside the sea.

A great place to sit and listen to the waves. You also might get splashed by one!

A young couple check out the waves.

Stairs that lead straight into the water!

A surfer takes the stairs out of the water.

Exit Highway 101 southbound at Ventura Ave Exit. Turn right at the exit and then turn on the first right, Figueroa St. Follow it to the end. There is a parking lot that is usually full. Past that one there is another parking lot that costs $2 per day- this is a deal! At the west end, near the point, the beach is all rocks. Walk east along the promenade and you will come to the shady sand and Promenade Park. Click "satellite" to see the rows of planters that provide shade.

Craig theroff

2017-01-19 11:15:00

Yeah, gets giant surf here in the winter and has some of the best shaped waves around along with rincon point north of here... it's a classic!)


2010-11-26 16:10:00

awesome morning!! love life!!)


2009-10-01 20:48:00

the surf was sooooooooo cool!)


2009-09-09 16:00:00

One of the nicest places to watch surfers)


2009-09-03 04:15:00

Sounds awesome! That's what it's all about!)

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