The Oaks Mall, Thousand Oaks

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Ventura, CA
The Oaks Mall, Thousand Oaks
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The Oaks Mall is a beautiful indoor mall where you will be surrounded by luxury! We were happily surprised when we found it one Saturday. There are two levels and kids like to stand at the second level and look down through the glass at the Spanish fountain below. There are couches for husbands who've been dragged on shopping expeditions with their wives! The lighting and decor are classy.

It's fun to ride the glass elevator to the bottom level where there's a kid's play area with zoo animals, bridge, and tree roots to climb. The food court is not your typical mall food court- the cafes are high quality with healthy food. We enjoyed our sandwiches from Stove Oven. Take your food outside to the gorgeous outdoor area with orange umbrellas and sunshine. There are also recliner chairs with puffy cushions to lay back on like you're in a resort!
A fun activity for kids here is Build-A-Bear Workshop (a store) where you design your own teddy bear- it can get expensive though.
For dining where you're served by a waiter, there is also a Cheesecake Factory with outdoor seating looking out on a fountain. This is a chain restaurant with yummy food.
Just a short drive up the hill takes you to Conejo Community Park, a lovely park with creek, bridges, new playground with ropes and boulders, and rolling green hills. Stroll through the botanical garden to enjoy clusters of cactus, fields of wildflowers, and panoramic views. Sundays are especially good because the imaginative kid's garden is open.
There are a bunch of great malls in this area. Check out The Lakes Mall, a small outdoor mall centered around a playground, lake with fountain, and sculptures. Janss Mall has a fantastic kid's play area outdoors and a fountain with synchronized music that kids can run in to cool off.

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Lion to climb in the kid's play area.

Hippo at the kid's play area.

Couches and Spanish fountain on the first level.

Fountain outside the Cheesecake Factory.

Stylish decor at The Oaks Mall.

Outdoor seating at The Cheesecake Factory.

Entrance to the mall.

Oven at Stone Oven Sandwiches in the food court.

Seating with couches and wooden tables and chairs outside the food court.


Located at 350 W. Hillcrest Drive, call (805) 495-2032.
Stone Oven, call (805) 494-3544. ‎
The Cheesecake Factory, call (805) 371-9705.
Build-A-Bear Workshop, call (805) 449-8704.


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