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Pee Wee Mini Golf, Guerneville

Wine Country/Santa Rosa, CA
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Pee Wee Mini Golf, Guerneville, Wine Country/Santa Rosa California


Pee Wee Mini Golf has an interesting history. It was built in 1947 and was part of an extensive theme park and 2000 camping sites on the Russian River. Then the new Guerneville bridge was built in 1995 alongside the old bridge. It is an ugly wide cement bridge and caused the closure of the campgrounds and theme park. Now all that remains is Pee Wee Mini Golf, which is one of the last of its kind in California: a mini golf park in someone's backyard! The friendly young owner lives upstairs and enjoys becoming a man of leisure when summer ends and the park closes for the year. Most years, the park is flooded by the rising river, but insurance covers the damage, and every summer it's open again for returning Russian River vacationers to enjoy!
We had a lot of fun the day we went. Although it was a chilly morning in the forest, Pee Wee was sunny and warm. We loved the little water fountains, the kangaroo's pouch that you hit the ball into, and the huge fish mouth that awaits the ball! There's a giant dinosaur. The last hole of the front course is fun because there's a moving spider that gets in your way. Overall, the course is harder than most which makes it more fun.
There is also a small neighborhood park on Drake Rd, on the left, past Pee Wee. It has tennis courts, basketball courts, and a playground, but is nothing special- it's good if you're in Guerneville and you have a toddler who needs to climb.
If you're hungry, head back along Drake Rd and left on River Rd to downtown Guerneville, a cute town that you can walk around, where there are many restaurants.
While you're in Guerneville, drive just one minute down to Johnson's Beach and check out the peaceful Russian River, and the historic Guerneville Bridge. Or just three minutes to Armstrong Woods, an amazing redwood forest with easy trails for kids, and nice plaques explaining how redwoods grow.
For a more adventurous day, rent canoes or bring a tube and float down the incredibly beautiful Russian River past hills covered in champagne vineyards and mountains brimming with redwoods.


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Trickling water fountains make a peaceful effect in the early morning at Pee Wee's.
Trickling water fountains make a peaceful effect in the early morning at Pee Wee's.
The dinosaur!
The dinosaur!
The furry spider that gets in your way!
The furry spider that gets in your way!


Located at 16155 Drake Rd, Guerneville CA 95446. From River Road in Guerneville town, follow signs to the Highway 116. You will be going over the new Guerneville Bridge. Turn immediately left on Drake Rd, and Pee Wee Mini Golf is on your right at the bottom of the hill.
Cost is $9 cash or $10 credit card per person for 18 holes. There are two courses to choose from.
Open every day during spring break, and summer (from Memorial Day weekend until Labor Day weekend), from 11am-10pm. Closed sometimes if there are bad rains.
Open in April, May, and September on weekends, from 11am-10pm on Saturdays, and 11am-6pm on Sundays.
Call to double-check the hours, (707) 869-9321.

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06/01/2011 20:57
Yes, it's closed when there are heavy rains, which was the case today. Too bad :( I hope your kids get to go soon. Apparently it'll be open starting Sunday!

06/01/2011 16:27
Oh snap. I am renting the house directly in front of it and my children are Dying to go, unfourtunety, the Mini Golf has just closed, literarily we got here the day after memorial day! Well to bad, wish they had more open time. :(

amber hursell
10/06/2009 12:18
hay guys what up i just whant to let you know i seen your web sit all the way froom south dickota good job hope evey thing gos good down there

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