Lower Yosemite Falls hike, Yosemite Natl Pk

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Lower Yosemite Falls hike, Yosemite Natl Pk
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The Lower Yosemite Falls hike is a good choice if you need a less strenuous hike with big rewards. School-aged kids can manage this half-hour loop trail easily. On hot days, it's great because there is plenty of shade under the huge trees. There are even spots between boulders where the night air is trapped and you can cool down! 

The best part about this hike is that at the end there is an area where you can scramble over boulders and rocks to get closer to the falls. This presents more of a challenge- great fun for teenagers and older kids! Here you feel elated as the mist from the waterfall sprays on your face! This is really living!!
Plenty of people sit on the rocks and enjoy the fun scene. A stream runs under rocks, bubbling below you. Yosemite Falls is incredibly high- wow! The size of the people standing below it (tiny) amazes you. 
Come to Yosemite Valley in late May or early June for the most water in the falls. By August it could be all dried up. Walk the loop clockwise for best views.
Some people have been injured scrambling here, so go at your own risk.
Other exhilarating places to visit nearby are Tunnel View Lookout and Glacier Point.

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Bridge at the beginning of the hike.

View of the falls from the beginning of the hike.

Lush vegetation on the hike.

The easy walking path and the falls up ahead.

A slit between rocks where you can cool down in leftover night air.

Cool spot- you really need this in the summertime!

Visitors approaching the falls!

The river and the falls.

Visitors on the viewing platform.

Happy visitors sitting on the boulders feeling the mist of the falls.

The Lower Yosemite falls.

Nice spot where the falls hit the rocks.

Looking back from the boulders under the falls to the viewing platform.

The pathway makes its way around a huge rock.

View of half dome at the end of the hike.

Pretty shades of green beside the path.


There is no parking at this trail. Park your car at the Yosemite Valley Visitor Center and take the free shuttle bus to stop 6 where the hike begins. The shuttle bus back will take too long (45 minutes) because it loops around the whole valley. You can walk back to your car through a meadow and along the road instead (be careful!).


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