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Jungly Tropical Places

Dewdrops on smooth banana leaves. Jungly tropical places remind you of the richness of the earth.

Shells and Beach Finds

If you swim near shore, you can put your ears underwater and hear the tinkling sound of shells pushed by waves. This is bliss! Or you can stroll along the shore, finding shells, sea plums, and driftwood.

Turtles, Seals, Dolphins, and Sea Otters

It's wonderful to see what lives in the sea! Sea otters hold their babies close, dolphins arc in the waves, turtles rest on shore, sea elephants roar, and seals sleep peacefully.


Kids are mesmerized as they watch tropical fish swim gently by in giant tanks! Nothing beats a trip to the aquarium. 

Playful Colorful Architecture

It's fun when architects build something colorful and fanciful.

Farm Animals

It's fun to see farm animals and watch their silly antics. 

Pumpkin Patches and Corn Mazes

In autumn when the days are cooling, it's fun to see the scare crows, pumpkins of all shapes, wagons, and animals at a pumpkin patch, and then get lost in the corn maze!

Bright sculptures

Kids love the surprise of a bright, silly sculpture on a street corner!

Giant Slides

When you see a giant slide in the distance, you can't help run to it with a sense of exhilaration!

Splash Pads for Kids

Water play calms spirited kids. They get caught up in the moment and become their most happy selves! 

Whimsical Gardens for Children

Gardens with gnomes, fairy houses, frog sculptures, and other imaginative features to make them come to life!

Imaginative Playgrounds

It's wonderful when playgrounds are more than just a few bars of metal! Why not make them full of wonder, with animals and play houses and color? I love these playgrounds that inspire the imagination!


Carousels fill you with joy because they remind you of childhood wonder. The movement of the horses, the wind in your hair, the colorful details, the lively music, and smiling faces as you circle past. 

Theme Parks

Amusement parks are places children will never forget. 


Lighthouses evoke the mystery of living on the sea, with the sound of waves crashing all around you, and surviving the wild storms and rugged life. 

Gingerbread Style Houses

Nothing is cuter than gingerbread-style houses, or half-timbered storefronts! Often they are found in clusters. Find these ones!

Funny Birds

Kids love to see funny birds!

Victorian Houses

Victorian houses are magical, both original and modern style ones. Here is where you can see them!


Flowers fill your life with color and whimsy!

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