Road Trips

Road trips provide the best memories you can make! Every day is different and you can experience so much variety in a short amount of time!

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Highway 10 Road Trip Across USA!

Forts, National Aviation Museum and blue angels, natural springs and blue holes, white sand beaches, the town where Truman Show was filmed, oaks strung with moss, Southern charm, diorama museum, stalactities and stalagmites, and gorgeous New Orleans.

Highway 40 Road Trip Across USA

Incredible Sedona town, meteor crater, painted desert (memorable), banjo museum, Beale Street blues, Great Smoky Mountains, Chapel Hill college town, and pristine beaches in North Carolina. 

Road Trip Around the Big Island of Hawaii

Bright bougainvillea backed by black lava rock fields, perfect beaches and resorts, misty green country town Waimea, waterfalls, lush botanical garden, Lilioukalani (Japanese garden), lava tube, black sand beach, snorkeling, South Point cliff diving. 

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