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San Diego, CA

Colorful modern cafes, Spanish Colonial architecture, clifftop parks with wildflowers, and coves with turquoise water.

Santa Barbara, CA

Spanish architecture, a college town vibe, the blue sea, and a backdrop of stunning mountains.

Miami, FL

Blue shock of ocean, white sand, palm trees, Latin music, neon lights, glass skyscrapers, and modern designs.

Orlando, FL

Shimmering lakes, blue-green springs, old oaks, charming towns, birds and baby alligators, paradise resorts, and theme parks.

Palm Beach, FL

Crystal clear sea, shells dotting the shore, bright modern cafes, Venetian-inspired architecture, and technicolor waterways.

Oahu, HI

Dreamy warm water, tropical gardens, island music carried in the soft air, jagged misty mountains, and drives past glorious vistas.

Stuart, FL

Aquamarine water, piles of shells on the shore, waterfront cafes, breezy river boardwalks, and family activities.

New Orleans

Gnarled oak trees, ironwork balconies, Southern comfort food, music wafting out of doorways, atmosphere everywhere!

North Carolina Coast

Salt marshes, forts with wide open spaces, world-class aquariums, fun car ferries, and lovely swims at the clean beaches

Sydney, Australia

Friendly people, yellow sand beaches, surfers and sea spray, meat pies, unique bird songs, Norfolk pines, and the Blue Mountains.

Santa Cruz & San Jose

Forest edens, pools and streams of clear water, quaint wooded towns, brisk ocean air, and redwoods towering above.

Sarasota FL

Sugar sand beaches, warm orange sunsets, breezy harbors, and the Ringling Mansion.

North Carolina

University gardens, fireflies, memorable coffee shops, greenways, and brick architecture.

Washington DC

Spacious monuments lit up at night, and free museums. 

Tampa, FL

Moorish architecture on the riverwalk, memorable aquarium, Dali museum, and impressive St. Pete Pier. 

Quebec City

Sweeping views over the river, a chateau, patisseries, sandstone buildings, colorful rooftops, and leafy squares. 

Orange County

Coves of blue-green water, cafes with ocean views, European bakeries, eucalyptus trees of all varieties, flowers, and hilly neighborhoods. 


Misty waterfalls, majestic rock faces, breathtaking lookouts, log cabins in the woods, and smooth boulders by cool streams.

Paris, France

Sidewalk cafes, pristine architecture, sculptures, fountains, parks with palaces, bakeries with ham baguette sandwiches!

Wine Country/Santa Rosa, CA

Leafy main streets, jade green river, mountains covered in redwoods and pines, and chateaus with vineyards.

San Francisco, CA

Victorian rowhouses, parks with daisies, walking the Golden Gate Bridge, and hip neighborhoods. 

Monterey, CA

Magical coves, cypress trees, wildflowers, seals swimming by, bakeries, and Victorian houses.

Los Angeles, CA

Cafes overlooking the beach, piers with fresh breezes, traffic jams, and world-class museums.

San Luis Obispo, CA

Youthful college atmosphere, coffee shops and bakeries, rock stacks and crashing waves, sea otters, wildflowers on green morros.

The Big Island, HI

Alien lava fields, grand resorts with open-air lobbies, black sand beaches, lush gardens, and lava tubes.

Ventura, CA

Surfers at C Street, rock cairns and blue sea along Highway 1 to Malibu, and sweet Spanish mission.

North Florida

Mystical natural springs, cypress trees on water's edge, caverns, Spanish Renaissance architecture, and wide open beaches.

Florida Keys

Water as far as the eye can see, and steel drum music in breezy bars.

Fort Myers, FL

Soft sand beaches, pink sunsets with puffy clouds, and attractions like Edison Estate.


Giant oaks strung with Spanish moss, charming squares, granite rock faces, and waterfalls.

New York City

Idyllic lawns and walkways in Central Park, Jazzy street musicians, lampposts, sculptures, bustling squares, and views from skyscrapers.

Daytona Beach

Lighthouse on an inlet, wide beaches with shallow water, natural springs, fun reptile center, marinas, international speedway, and Embry-Riddle University.

Cocoa Beach

Florida's best surfing at the pier, lovely zoo, rocket launches, space center, and Melbourne beaches with blue-green water.


Waterfalls and azalea-filled trails, climbs to vistas, Elvis' mansion, Blues musicians, and Chattanooga town on river bluffs.

Las Vegas, NV

Neon lights everywhere, giant themed buildings, and hidden attractions that delight.


Stunning red rock vistas, adobe buildings accented with desert colors, and wildflowers in spring. 


Riverwalk cafes, museums, shopping centers, and up-and-coming cafe districts.

The Netherlands

Gingerbread rowhouses, canals lined with flower boxes, green pastures, and modern cities.

New Mexico

Pale adobe buildings, charming squares, blossoming trees, and southwest museums.

South Carolina

Elegant rowhouses, sunsets at harbors, oak branches hung with moss, cafes with fresh fish and grits, and moonlight over salt marshes.

Eastern Sierras

Rushing rivers, clear glacial lakes, mountain vistas, fun fish hatcheries, and small desert towns. 

Alps, Europe

Walkways on shimmering blue-green lakes, chalets with flower boxes, views with breathtaking drops, Alpine flowers, and cogwheel trains.

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